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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.


Pathfinder Online Is Now Offline

With plenty of warning from Pharasma, today we say goodbye to the game's servers after nearly seven years of faithful service. The website will remain up for another week or two as we close things out, but the game itself is no longer running or allowing logins.

Store and Subscription Purchases Disabled

Now that we're in our final month before Pathfinder Online shuts down on November 28, we've turned off all purchases on the web and in the game. Any characters that are already Active will remain active right up to the end without using up any more game months.

Nhur Athemon's Chosen

After centuries of pursuing immortality through undeath, Nhur Athemon is ready to battle Pharasma more directly and to take full control of the cycle of life and death. His Chosen forces are on the march, but they're letting a few more familiar enemies soften the area up before their arrival. This is the battle Pharasma has been preparing the heroes of the Echo Wood for these past seven years, a final battle between death and undeath, with the very concept of life held in the balance.