Early Enrollment v8 Release Notes

Major New Features Early Enrollment v8 introduces Feuds. A Feud is a 2-way conflict between Companies. Only Company Leaders can declare Feuds. The initiating Company pays a variable amount of Influence based on a calculated "Power" rating of the initiating and target Company and the desired length of the Feud. This Influence is removed from the current Influence pool of the initiating Company. The target Company will become subject to the Feud one hour to seven hours after the Feud is declared at the option of the initiating Company.Once begun the initiating Company can spend Influence to extend the duration of the Feud. Once the Feud ends, the initiating Company cannot start another Feud with the target Company for a period equal to the length of the lapsed Feud. The target Company could initiate a Feud against the previous initiator at will.The Power rating of a Company is a function that includes variables such as the average amount of XP spent by the Company's membership on Feats, and the amount of total Influence accumulated by the Company. The higher a Company's Power rating, the less Influence is required to initiate a Feud. The greater the difference in Power ratings between the two Companies the greater the Influence cost. Feuding small Companies of barely trained characters is expensive, and Feuding large companies of highly trained characters is cheap. Companies with lots of Influence that Feud Companies with small amounts of Influence is expensive. Feuding a Company with a lot of Influence is cheap.The Feud system is expressed in a new UI element that has been added to the Alliances tab of the Company Info panel. This new display will show you any Feuds that have been declared against your Company and any Feuds that your Company has declared against other Companies.At this time there is no notification that your Company has been Feuded. You'll want to keep an eye on this display and watch for changes.When "setting up" a Feud you'll be able to see the Influence cost that will be required and that estimate updates as you make changes to the length of the Feud.During a Feud members of the opposing Companies can engage in PvP without incurring Reputation penalties. They will appear as "red" to members of the opposing Company everywhere on the map.War of Towers is altered by this system. In order to take a Tower, the attacker must have previously declared a Feud on the Company that holds the Tower, and the Feud must be active. The Tower can still only be contested during the PvP window set by the Company that holds it. Once a Feud ends the Influence spent to initiate it will be restored to the Company that started the Feud at daily server downtime, less 20% of the total amount used to initiate the Feud which is permanently lost (note - this means that you now have a reason to keep earning Influence even if your Company has hit its Influence cap!)No character is affected by a Feud except the characters in the Feuding Companies. Healing or damaging characters that are in a Feud does not have any mechanical effect other than the baseline (if you attack someone in a Company that is Feuding with another Company in your Settlement and your character is not otherwise engaged in a Feud with your target, you will lose Reputation normally.)This is the first iteration of this system and we expect that your Crowdforging input will be critical to evolving it rapidly in the next several releases. Our designers are particularly interested in your feedback about the costs, the timing, any edge cases or potential exploits you uncover, or anything else you'd like to bring to our attention.

Settlement Systems Update

One of the last steps in the Holding development process is going to be removing the remaining towers (and War of Towers mechanics) so settlements can derive their training and support levels through consumption of bulk resources. This system is a very basic version of the eventual settlement upkeep system (which I will detail later), but we believe it will be a much more interesting system of settlement support than tower control. It will enable settlements to survive and prosper through means aside from violence.

Early Enrollment 7.2 and plan for Early Enrollment 8

Players we need to update you on upcoming release schedule information.

Early Enrollment v7 Release Notes

Early Enrollment v7 has been deployed. This update has been on the TEST SERVER since Saturday 11 April. You will need to patch your game client before you will be able to play.

Please Welcome the Duergar Overlords

While most dwarves moved to Golarion’s surface as part of the Quest for Sky, some doubted their god Torag’s warnings and remained behind, only to be driven further underground by the prophesied calamities awaiting those who didn’t leave their homelands in Nar-Voth. Facing defeat at the hands of other powerful forces in the Darklands, these holdouts accepted an offer of help from the outcast dwarven god Droskar, the Dark Smith. He helped them reclaim their former glory, and in return they bound themselves and their descendants into his service. As a reminder of their bargain, he turned their skin gray, after which they became known as the duergar. The duergar see themselves as the only true dwarves and seek to retake all their former holdings underground, coming to the surface only to kill their cowardly cousins and capture more slaves for the endless work of repaying their debt to Droskar.