Early Enrollment v4.2 Release Notes

These are the release notes for Early Enrollment 4.2 which was deployed to the LIVE SERVER on Thursday 26 February. We deployed v4.0 on 20 February, but a bug related to the excessive spawning of monsters caused us to revert to the previous 3.x build while we fixed that problem. 4.2 is that fix.

Territorial Conflict Roadmap

NOTE:  We’ve been reading the comments everyone has been making since our EE v4.0 release notes went up and have decided to change our plans in regards to the War of the Towers for v4.0 based on your feedback. 

Updating the Test Server Experience

Hello! It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry, and I'd like to talk a bit about our testing server strategy.

Introducing: Free to Play Trial Accounts and the Buddy Program

Today we're announcing our Free Trial program and the Buddy Invites that power it!

Campfires, Base Camps, Smallholdings, and You

Campfires, Base Camps, Smallholdings, and You Our 4.0 update, which goes to the Test server on 12 February and the Live server 19 February, is scheduled to include the addition of our first version of player structures. This system will allow players to deploy a variety of temporary structures so characters can operate more effectively out in the field without having to return to town. These structures come in three main types for now: