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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

30 Days in the Hole

It's time for another development blog, and we've got lots of info to share!

Last week Mark and I attended Gen Con and had a chance to meet a lot of folks interested in Pathfinder Online. We also did a seminar about the design of the game and the plan to produce it.

Due to a fortuitous last-minute opening for a banner, Goblinworks got premium placement at the entrance to the hall. Paizo worked in overdrive to create a great piece using Wayne Reynolds' Thornkeep artwork.

This week I'm giving a talk at Pax Dev on running a successful Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who helped Goblinworks crash through our funding goals and hit many stretch goals on our own Kickstarter—that provided great experience for this talk.

This weekend, we'll be relocating from our temporary offices to our permanent offices across the hall from Paizo. We should have all the space we need to meet our needs for the first year or so of development, and likely much more as well.

We're also still actively recruiting new Goblins. Mark and Ryan are focusing on bringing an art director on board and are busy interviewing candidates looking for the perfect fit. We're also looking for a game programmer to help translate Lee's designs into software.

If you're interested in working for Goblinworks, please take a look at our open positions on our career website.

Progress on the Technology Demo

We are doing three parallel tasks right now on the Technology Demo.

Workflow and Asset Management

Mark has been setting up various content version management systems as we experiment with various configurations. We've currently got a very robust solution in place that allows each person to work on their own material and make local builds of the test environment as needed, so that nobody accidentally breaks the system for the rest of the team if something goes sideways.

Art and Graphics

Stephen, Da and Micheal have been building 3D models of characters and structures, creating animations for those objects, and importing them into the engine to test their look and range of motion.

Da has been working on texturing Seoni, and modeling Merisiel, the iconic rogue.

David got right to work building a catapult that will be used in the tech demo, and he's now busy creating environment art assets for the dungeon. Stephen is going to be joining him on that shortly to create a wide variety of objects that will populate the area.

Combat Design

Lee has been focused on the combat system. This is the biggest part of the game design yet to be done; it had to wait until now because it has many dependencies related to middleware and graphic engine rendering speeds. Lee has put his initial thoughts down on how to achieve the goals we've set in keeping the flavor and traditions of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game intact as we move to the digital environment.

There are some basic combat actions scheduled for the Technology Demo, but they're simply basic tests of core systems rather than foundational game design elements. The real combat system will be developed over the next couple of months, and then we'll be able to begin soliciting feedback from the community about our ideas.

Kickstarter Fulfillment

We're making steady progress on getting the reward materials ready to fulfill the Kickstarter rewards. Thornkeep is in editing and layout, and we're all very happy with the materials that have been written for it. It's going to be an instant classic!

We've also received production samples of the granite plaque for the Executive Founders; they look gorgeous.

We intend to ship everything to the backers at the same time, probably in November. As soon as all the components are delivered to the warehouse, we'll be able to announce more specific details. We'll also soon be letting backers know how to confirm shipping addresses and increase your pledge if you so choose.

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