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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

48 Hours And Counting

Early Enrollment Will Start at 10:00am (Pacific) on Wednesday December 31st

Last week we built and extensively tested our final pre-release build for Early Enrollment. That build has passed the qualification criteria we established for the Early Enrollment release and we are now starting the 48 hour countdown to release.

Upcoming Information

In the next two days we have a tremendous amount of information to communicate. We will be publishing blogs that will describe the Early Enrollment process in detail for people who have not been following the project closely, a blog about game time and how we'll be accounting for it in the short and medium term, a blog that will review how Companies and Settlements will be set up in Early Enrollment, and a blog about key resources for people to access as they're learning how to play.

A Day of Superheroes

We are going to be ending the Alpha Test on Tuesday with a bang!  When the server comes back on line after normal downtime at 10:00am (Pacific), players with Alpha accounts (about 100 of you!) will discover that you can make characters with the same capabilities we use for internal testing!

Be sure you free up a character slot today to enable you to make a new character tomorrow with the Tester credentials!

These Tester characters have the ability to use various GM commands to make items and give Feats to themselves and other characters so you'll be able to use Tester characters to make Superheroes!  We'll be sending more detailed information to our Alpha account holders later today with a description of how these commands are used.

We're also going to announce a time for the Goblinworks staff to be in game with our own superheroic characters to take on all comers and do battle for glory in the twilight hours of Alpha.  We'll post the time and details of that event on the message board.

The Best Laid Plans...

Despite all the testing we have done to prepare for this announcement it is still possible that in the last 48 hours we'll discover a problem that forces us to restart our launch timeline. While we think that the odds of that are currently very low, they are not zero. If for any reason we need to call a temporary Hold to our countdown clock, we'll let the community know immediately.