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Short Term Roadmap

Players, we’d like to take some time to talk about our plans for the start of 2015 to give you some visibility on what we’re going to be working on for the next several months.

Subscriptions and Game Time Management

We are activating game time management as of 29 January 2015.

Early Enrollment 2 Release Notes

Early Enrollment v2 was introduced this morning Thursday 22 January. You will need to run the Patcher to update to the current version of the game in order to play.

Escalations - How Do They Work

Escalations, How Do They Work? The River Kingdoms are home to a variety of monsters and predators, most having few plans beyond their next victim/meal. However, larger threats regularly pop up in the Monster Hexes, filling them with their own forces and expanding to neighboring hexes unless players work together to take them down. These are called Escalations, and when left alone they tend to grow in strength and size, spawning more and more creatures, as well as more powerful ones, to fill the growing number of hexes they control.

Your Friend the Token

Your Friend the Token Tokens are frequent loot drops from creatures in Pathfinder Online. They represent fleeting moments of triumph that can give you a small advantage in your battles. You equip them by dragging them from Inventory to the Wond[rous] slot on the Paperdoll. Once slotted, using them in combat (by pressing 9 or 0) gives you a buff. They’re very fast to activate and don’t cost Stamina or Power.  You can put up to 9 of the same Tokens into the Wond[rous] slot. They’re a good way to try out the buff system, and get a virtually free boost in a challenging combat. They're also a great way to experiment with various effects that are often associated with Feats so you can learn how to use them and decide if you like them before you spend XP on a Feat.