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Humans are the Best Content

It has been an amazing two weeks since the start of Early Enrollment and we have been watching with amazement as the politics and economics of the game have begun to develop at incredible speed. We can't capture everything that is happening since much of the action is taking place on private forums and channels. We are able to see a lot of activity and we thought we'd highlight some of the developments for a larger audience.

The Plan for Q1 2015

Now that we have established our plan for regular every-other-week updates, we want to discuss our plan for the first quarter of 2015.Tomorrow, the EE2 build will go live on the Test Server and notes about EE2 will be posted to the forum.  A week later, EE2 will be pushed to the Live Server and we'll post a release notes blog about it.As a preview, we can tell you that player husk looting is the marquee feature of EE2.  You will be at risk of losing inventory when your characters die, and other characters will be able to loot some of your inventory if they can get to your husk before you do!This is a pretty big feature.  It may not be typical of every release.  Some weeks the update may be mostly bug fixes or even client/server improvements that players won't be able to see directly.  Of course, we will have plenty of new feature releases as well!

Early Enrollment Release Cadence

Now that we have begun Early Enrollment we are going to be changing to a more regular schedule of releases of content, blog posts, release notes, etc.

Setting Up Companies and Settlements in Early Enrollment

How to Configure Your Persistent Social Groups Companies and Settlements are at the very core of our game design objective of maximizing meaningful human interaction. This brief guide will explain what you need to do to get your Company and Settlement correctly configured so that you'll be able to gain the benefits of using these tools, including the benefits that will be turned on when the War of Towers begins.

Hard is Fun!

We Do These Things Not Because They Are Easy But Because They Are Hard President John Kennedy spoke those words as he described the New Frontier - his vision of the kinds of challenges the United States would attempt in the 1960s, including sending astronauts to the moon and returning them safely to the earth.