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Early Enrollment and Alpha Updates

Early Enrollment Map Expanding and Start Date Changing We are committed to the ideals of Crowdforging. Giving our players a real seat at the table and a voice in our decisions about how we develop Pathfinder Online.

One Does Not Simply WALK Into Early Enrollment

The Lede(*) We're moving the start of Early Enrollment down the timeline one week to September 22.

The Big Chill

August is the Coldest Month This week marks a big milestone in our Alpha testing program. When players log into Zog starting on Thursday they're going to find that the River Kingdoms have become a harder, harsher place to thrive in than ever before.

Countdown to Early Enrollment

[Updated 21AUG14:  We are not going to have Adventure Time with Bonny this week, so no Darksiders either - see below for more details.]

Rise of the Supers

True believers it is time for another issue of the World's Greatest Superadventure Blog!