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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Alpha 13 Release Notes

Alpha 13 Released

For your enjoyment over the Thanksgiving weekend we've built Release 13 for the Pathfinder Online Alpha.  This is not the Early Enrollment release candidate but we are oh so close.  So close we can taste it.  Or maybe that's just the turkey dinner.

The Road to Early Enrollment

Server Performance

Alpha 12.2 gave us a lot of stability and performance improvements. Alpha 13 continues that trend. Several areas of the code are being optimized and tested in this build.

GM Tools

We still need a couple of key GM tools - notably the ability to kick a player from the server if they're misbehaving. We do have the ability to help people if they find themselves stuck in a hole or otherwise in a position where they cannot move - just ask on the Help channel.

Macintosh Client

We are testing solutions to the system security challenge with OSX (in short, we either have to rearchitecht the way Unity builds application bundles or we have to force Mac users to do a complete download with every patch).

We are ready to distribute a beta Macintosh client for testing.  This client does not have a patcher like the Windows client. In a subsquent build we will be adding a Patcher. Users will have to uninstall this build manually (delete it) and then install the updated version with its Patcher.

Please use this URL to get the Beta Mac Client(*):

(*) We have been using the Mac client internally for several weeks and believe it will meet expectations. If you encounter problems with the Mac client, please email and put "Mac Client" in the subject line so we can immediately address those concerns.

Alpha 13 Patch Notes

Here are the detailed notes for this patch.


  • Trainers in player Settlements now have dynamic levels based on Settlement level. Trainers will train up to level 5+n/2 (rounded down), where n = the number of towers controlled by all companies allied with (including owners of) the Settlement. NPC Settlement trainers are capped at level 8. This fix should address a number of issues with trainers both in NPC and PC Settlements.


  • Increased crafting points for crafting achievements.


  • Fixed goblin monster spawn in place of Freeholder trainers.
  • Updated hex definitions to spawn appropriate monster types in the homeland hexes.  
  • Moved some resurrection points to get them further away from monster spawns.  
  • Moved the starter settlements of Kindleburn and Ossian's Crossing.
  • Fixed hex -19/-02 that was set to be a Settlement hex instead of a wilderness hex.
  • Changed levels of crafting facilities such that starter towns have the lowest level crafting facilities, Thornkeep middle level crafting facilities, and players the highest level crafting facilities. Thus you can craft faster at player Settlements than other Settlements.
  • Updates to northern half of the world terrain, including:
    • Updates to fix rotations, road size, and some other issues with visual terrain quality
    • Moved two starting Settlements to new locations
    • Deleted non-starter NPC Settlements
  • Thornguards now have logos on their cloaks.


  • Updated success/failure text for many escalations.


  • Freeholder and Expert armor feats are now actually available once purchased.
  • Added Encumbrance bonus to Strength domain (starts at 2 and increases to 12 at max rank).
  • Changed Bow Proficiencies 2 and 3 to require Martial or Subterfuge points.


  • The issue of many harvesting nodes not being harvestable has been resolved.


  • Fixed tooltip descriptions on consumable items to reflect recent stat changes.


  • Removed option to "Log Out". Forcing a full client restart resolves a number of bugs and potential conflicts with locally stored data.
  • Fixed expendables not showing up in market. All auction houses are now functional again.
  • Made major updates to the chat system:
    • Removed "General" channel.
    • Added per-map channel "Hex".
    • Added "Help" tab, will join the Help channel when clicked the first time.
    • Default tab "Chat" posts to local, and watches local, hex, party, whisper.
    • Added unread messages notification to tabs (will change color).
    • Added different chat colors for the channels in the default tab.
    • Removed ""player join/leave channel"" messages from all chat channels.
  • Passive feats now visibly equip upon being dragged into the paper doll. Previously, a visual bug made it appear that the feat had not equipped until the paper doll was reopened.