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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Alpha 14 Release Notes

Alpha 14 Released

We are focused on internal performance improvements in Alpha 14. We are working toward Early Enrollment release as soon as possible. Please help us by continuing to gather in settlements and test the server performance.

Watch the Forums for announcments of ad hoc stress testing requests.  Throughout the week we'll be asking people to gather on line at specific locations - likely Brighthaven and Rotter's Hole.  During these tests we just want to observe server performance as people log in and move around - these are not combat tests or game mechanic tests, just load tests.

Release Notes


  • Fixed errors in the number of crafting points rewarded for some tier 2 refining Achievements.


  • Updates to NPC draw animations, which solves the problem of NPCs sliding towards players upon entering combat.
  • Added Freeholder and Expert Trainers to starting Settlements.
  • Fixed some hexes near the starter Settlements that were still setup to be infectable by escalation cycles.
  • Removed a large chasm from the Settlement of Aurorual.


  • Changed Adrenaline Surge, Energetic Field, Protective Ward, and Bless to no longer be Stationary. Increased the Stamina cost to use these actions. Rebalanced Energetic Field (and set it to correctly buff targets in the AoE).
  • Fixed a bug where Willpower Bonus was not showing up on Trainers.


  • GM accounts now exist. They are identified by [GM] in front of character name. Any character with the [GM] flag is a GM who can provide help if needed. (Some Goblinworks employees may be playing with characters that are not GM characters)
  • To message a specific GM, send a whisper to their character name omitting the [GM]. e.g., to message a character you see in game as [GM] Employee, type /whisper Employee, message. (don't forget the comma!)
  • You can ask for Help on the Help channel and if a GM is on-line we should see your message and respond


  • Fixes to expendables, so that equipping an implement only allows for the use of the related expendables that have been learned by the character.


  • Added more pelts and adhesives to the resource ratings.


  • Darkened background of Chat and Achievement windows, for improved readability.
  • Added a splash screen, and a credits/legal screen.
  • When opening a Trainer window, the active tab defaults to 'Available'.

Macintosh Client

We are continuing to develop the Macintosh Patcher. For now, you will have to download an entire client. This client is still in Beta, please let us know of any trouble you have at

Please use this URL to get the Beta Mac Client: