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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Alpha 15 Release Notes

Alpha 15 Release Notes

We are continuing to work hard on server capacity and more gracefully handling situations where the server becomes overloaded.  Alpha 15 sees the debut of functions that impose hard caps on Hex populations. As of Alpha 15 if a Hex becomes overloaded, magical barriers will rise around the Hex to block access until the load is reduced. We are aware of the many issues this system generates with regard to zerging PvP activities but we believe it is the best tradeoff of stability and functionality at this point in the project's development. This solution to the problem is expedient, not necessarily permanent, and as we continue to improve the server capacity and load-balancing we'll continually reassess the need for exclusionary barriers.

This release also includes a functional Macintosh Patcher, and updates to the Patcher technology for Windows. We are aware that the system we use to distribute the game is inconsistently delivering altered packages to some users. The Patcher recognizes that these packages do not match the manifest and the Patcher rejects them. In the past the Patcher would continously retry the download trying to get an authenticated package, which made it appear that the Patcher had timed out or frozen. Now, the Patcher will attempt to more gracefully recover from this condition and try alternate methods to get valid packages.

Upgrading from Previous Macintosh Builds

Please delete existing installations of the game client before installing Alpha 15.  To delete the game, trash the application bundle which usually resides in your Applications folder. Installing Alpha 15 on top of an existing installation may cause unpredictable instabilities and make troubleshooting problems impossible.

Server Stress Tests

We are continuing to test how the server performs under expected live operation loads. Throughout this weekend we may request ad hoc gatherings of characters to stress the system. These tests will usually occur at either Brighthaven or Rotter's Hole. Watch the forums for notices that we want to conduct such a stress test.

Resolving Client Side Problems

We are rapidly stabalizing the server and increasing its capacity. As a result, problems with client-side problems are now becoming more visible. If you are not in a crowded Hex, you should not experience frequent disconnects and desynch conditions. Many players are reporting that they are able to spend substantial time in game, traverse substantial territory and engage many encounters and harvesting nodes without frequent disruption. You will likely still experience random disconnects but they should not happen in rapid sequence.

If you ARE having frequent disconnects and desynch, we ask that you start by troubleshooting your system before asking for our help.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your computer - don't just log out but do a complete system restart.
  2. Run only one client per time per computer.
  3. Do not attempt to run the client in Parallels or another virtualization tool - if you want to run the Windows version on a Macintosh, you must use Bootcamp.
  4. Make your graphic setting "Simple", and quit the client, wait at least 1 minute and then restart the game from scratch.
  5. Ensure that you have downloaded the most recent driver for your video card directly from the GPU manufacturer - nVidia, AMD or intel.  These drivers are updated frequently, often more than once a month.
  6. Make sure that you have downloaded and installed all recommended patches for your operating system. On Windows, run Windows Update to inspect the updates available for your machine. On Macintosh, open the App Store and go to the Updates tab.
  7. We recommend running a spyware / malware detection software suite. We use Spyhunter and we've found lots of problems that our antivirus did not detect or remove.
  8. If you are using Windows, make sure you have downloaded and installed the .NET 3.5 framework and any updates to that framework.
  9. If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, make sure you have allocated 3 gigabytes to user programs using the BCDedit command. If you need more information about this process please contact or search the Pathfinder Online forum at for "bcdedit".
  10. Connect directly to your router with a wired ethernet connection, bypassing wifi.
  11. Make sure that nothing else on your local network is consuming substantial bandwidth like video streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), serving bittorents, etc.
  12. Turn off or disable firewalls and virus scanners to see if they are interfering with the game (and be sure to turn them back on when you're done testing!)

If, after trying all these things, you are still having problems, please email  Before emailing, if you are on a Windows machine, run the "dxdiag.exe" program.  In your email, please tell us which version of the operating system you are using (the version number, not just "Windows 7" or "OSX"). Explain as clearly as you can the problem you are having.  Tell us anything that might be unusual about your setup, such as using a non-English language, strange hardware, nonstandard internet connection (i.e. a wireless cellular connection or using a corporate LAN/VPN, etc.) Paste the output from dxdiag.exe into the email (our ticketing system does not give us access to attachments to email).  The more information you provide us the more likely we are to figure out what is causing the problem.

Alpha 15 Release Notes


Document Items now drop from creatures as loot. These are currently set up to begin as Unresearched texts. Right clicking the item transforms it into a specific fragment of text that you can read via the tooltip description to learn about Pathfinder Online's specific lore and information about other relevant details about Golarion in general. This is a prototype version of the system; as we get access to new tech, researching the text will require particular Knowledge skills and the format will likely change to be more visually appealing.

If you don't want to create a library of lore, the researched texts can be used as scrap paper stock for the Tier 2 Recycled Paper Sawyer refining recipe.


There are now quest givers in all settlements and Thornkeep, who will offer Quests to defeat various monsters. The Quest Giver will provide directions to known locations for these monsters but you can complete the quest by fulfilling the Quest conditions regardless of where you do the killin'. The reward for quest completion is Coin.


You can no longer walk through the corners of the Dreadnaught and Skirmisher forts. In addition, there is no longer a spot between them that cannot be walked through.

Jumping into the fish cart in front of the auction house no longer causes your character to get stuck.


It is now possible to correctly equip armor that has had its color altered. (You can access the color picker by right-clicking on Armor in your Inventory.)