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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Alpha Testing Week of July 2nd 2014

This is the update for the week of July 2nd 2014.  This is PaizoCon week and we will be keeping the server on-line for extended hours so folks at the show can play in the Alpha.

The hours of operation (Pacific time) for the Alpha Server will be:

Thursday: 3pm - (no close)
Monday:  (already open) - 6am

Because of PaizoCon our staff will be stretched a bit thin.  If there are problems with the server it may remain unavailable for an extended period.  If that happens we will make an update post on the forums in the Pathfinder Online subforum.

Get the Updated Client!
We are going to be making a new client installer available for this week's testing. Before installing it please uninstall the previous version of the client.

This is the link to the client download (only available when the server is on-line):

(Note:  you will need to be logged in to your account to access this file)


We have found and fixed a problem with the loss of persistent data between game sessions.  When you exit the game and return you will find that your XP and inventory has been reset.

We are going to do some testing on this fix today, and we expect to push a new version of the client tomorrow.  If you download and install today's client, please uninstall it before you install the hot-fixed updated client to follow.

Playing with today's client will not introduce any problems, you just won't retain XP or inventory when you log off.

These are the release notes for the updated Client (prior to the fix described above):


  • Updates to world lighting
  • Fixes to many building placements, props, terrain issues, and collision
  • Fixes to a number of visual glitches with player clothing
  • Multiple animation fixes including Ogre death and player death while using longsword
  • Skeletons now display the correct textures

Character Creation:

  • Characters start with 1,000XP


  • Spoils system removed
  • Added coin to loot tables


  • Activated several Utility feats
  • Temporarily changed feats with the Charge effect to have an appropriate range to be able to charge (this is a temporary fix in lieu of a more robust mechanic involving charge which is in development)
  • Added some Utility feats to trainers


  • Increased most NPC move speeds by 20%.  Kiting will now be harder.
  • Tweaked some NPC melee attacks to allow them to strike moving characters
  • Gave Thornguards a ranged knockdown attack to initiate combat (try to run away now you filthy murderers!)
  • Removed Thornguards from the respawn points in town (ok, you get a tiny head start.)


  • Added Pharasma Shrines in many locations throughout the region


  • Changed resource ratings to alter the distribution of various resources (should be easier to find what you want once you figure out where it spawns)
  • Gathering can now be interrupted by movement or combat


  • Adjusted the rate at which Bonedancers, Broken Men and Razmiran Cultists spread to new hexes
  • Hexes no longer act infected (spawn related events and encounters) during initial stages of invasion. However, there is a known bug where the infection icon still shows up next to the mini-map and shows infection data for that hex even though the hex is just building up to an infected state.

Known Issues:

  • NPCs and monsters drop all items on their loot tables at a 100% chance rather than the intended ratios.