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Alpha Testing Week of September 12 2014

Alpha 8 Is Will Be Live Shortly

We are rolling out Alpha 8 early in the morning of Saturday September 13th.  The game is running on the live operations server and not on Zog for the first time.  We will make an announcement on the forums tomorrow first thing in the morning (Seattle time) when we have concrete info to share.

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New Patcher / Installer

The game is now delivered by a small Patcher / Installer.  After you download and install the patcher, you'll run the patcher and it will begin downloading and installing the full game.  In the future, you'll be able to get updates to the client using the patcher rather than having to do a complete client download.

Updates to User Account Information

Earlier this week we made a change to the User Account system to enable people to see the data we have imported from the Kickstarter, the Pledge Manager, the Goblin Squad Store on and the shop.

After you log in click the link to view your account information (it appears directly below the Pathfinder Online logo and is in the form "yourname account". On the following screen, under the heading "Enrollment" you will see a link to "View all rewards on my account". Clicking that link will show you all the various reward info we have on file for you.  Note that we are not listing every component of each Reward level, just that you have a given Reward.  We encourage you to verify these details and if you find errors please email

Alpha 8 Release Notes

Super Important Things You Don't Want To Miss

The Cool Stuff

  • Tool tips display useful information when mousing over feats at a trainer (available and unavailable), feats in the feat window, and items slotted on the paper doll.
  • We have elves and dwarves! Two new races are selectable at character creation
  • This build brings in the most extensive changes to the world to date. There are now about 17x7 kilometers of terrain available for play, and Thornkeep is now the hub of activity in the Crusader Road.
  • The former NPC settlements have been disbanded. New NPC settlements have been added, including one guard-free settlement, Rotter's Hole.
  • New characters start in one of four (randomly selected) NPC settlements nearby. In order to run through the starting tutorial, you will need to go to an NPC settlement (located on the map)
  • Items have durability, which decrements each time a player dies. All items have an initial durability of 20. 1 point of durability is lost with each death.  Items are destroyed and removed when they have 0 durability.
  • Consumables work! Slot the consumable in either of your Consumable/Wondrous slots while out of combat. They appear in the action bar next to your expendables. Consumables work like expendables; instead of costing Power, they remove one of the consumable items from the stack. You can only use consumables in combat from the action bar slots. Nearly all consumables are functioning; several will be tweaked as more appropriate effects become available, and a small handful have a "Not Yet Implemented" description (and don't do anything) because there is no appropriate replacement effect. These will begin working once those effects are implemented.
  • Changes to Bows and Staves.  Adjusted the damage factor math to give less of a bonus for slower attacks and renormalized the math to center on 1.5 second attacks. This results in a small increase in damage for attacks faster than 1.5 seconds and a small decrease in damage for attacks slower than 1.5 seconds. Additionally, slightly improved the damage and effect cost multipliers for melee attacks to compensate for difficulty keeping a target in close range. This should result in an across the board improvement to all melee attacks (further increased damage factor, reduced stamina cost, and/or additional effects).
  • The latest version of Pathfinder Online now includes a client patcher. This means that players will no longer need to download a new client every time we release a new version. Every time you start up the game, you will click on the Pathfinder Online icon, which will launch the patcher. The patcher checks to see whether an update is needed, automaticallly updates your client (if needed), and launches the game.


  • Increased the number of achievement points for tier 2 and 3 crafting and refining achievements.
  • Removed old location achievements that are no longer valid.


  • Increased the ability score gains from learning class features and increased the number of feat requirements for class features.
  • Increased the XP cost and ability score gains for crafting and gathering skills.
  • Increased the XP cost and ability score gains of refining skills to match crafting skills.
  • Completely rebalanced ability score math. Now you need no ability score above 10 until 8th level, and you don't get any points for skills until 5th. The ability score needed for skills starts at 11 at 8th level and increases to 12 at 9th level, 19 at 16th level, and 24 at 20th level. Higher level skills give higher amounts of ability score bonus so it is now more attractive than previously to follow one skill to completion. 
  • Updates have been made to the tutorial.

Character Creation

  • At character creation, players can now customize their characters with regards to race, gender, face, hairstyle, skin tone, hair color, and eye color. This is a preliminary implementation of character customization. As we upgrade the character creation process, we plan to offer some (as yet undetermined) mechanism for modification of existing characters. Currently, there is significant lag during the character creation process - this is a known issue that can't be fixed immediately.


  • Tripled range forgiveness to test whether this improves melee PvP. Essentially, if you can get in melee range to start an attack (and stay within that range for the 300 ms validation phase), it should complete successfully even if the target is more than six meters away from you after the interrupt phase (up from four meters). This may wind up looking weird, and will be tuned as we make other improvements to the melee combat system.
  • Slightly increased radius of Splash effect to prevent Whirlwind from missing targets that are in melee range of attacker.
  • Goblins now play their death animations if killed when in an idle state or while fleeing.
  • Many combat animations that were previously broken are now showing up in game. This includes animations associated with the sword, mace, axe, rapier, and dagger. Additional combat animation fixes are forthcoming. 
  • The vast majority of feats now have visual effects. Some of them are placeholder effects, with specific, feat-related effects to come in at a later date. 
  • Combat state icons have been added for Opportunity, Flat-Footed, and Disrupted.


  • A formerly fixed bug about crafting timing (the timer appears to start about 1/4 done) has popped back up. The crafting times are actually correct, the display is just misleading.


  • Added Keep trainer with Seneschal and Officer.
  • NPCs now come in a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors.
  • Many enhancements to buildings throughout the world.


  • Knowledge skills now use different ability scores:
    • Engineering, Nature, and Religion use Wisdom
    • Local and History use Personality
    • Arcana, Geography, and Planes still use Intelligence
  • Added Survival to Tanner.
  • Added Bluff to Rogue trainer.
  • Corrected keywords for Shard Storm, Sorrow's Release, and Distant Shot.
  • Changed Charge's secondary effect from an attack buff to Immobilize against targets with Opportunity (to make it more likely that an opponent you Charge to will hold still for a followup melee attack). Extended its cooldown to three rounds.
  • Changed armor proficiency feats to require a related armor feat at appropriate level. For example, Heavy Armor Proficiency levels 2 and 3 now requires levels of Crusader, Dragoon, or Unbreakable.
  • Medium Armor Proficiency is now Constitution or Dexterity based.
  • Cleric armor feats now grants Constitution instead of Wisdom.
  • Cloth Armor Proficiency now requires Dexterity or Constitution instead of just Dexterity.
  • Increased the XP cost and ability score bonuses for attacks, cantrips, and orisons.


  • Added more Hemp and herbs that produce blue dye


  • Added a Bow Supplier, Focus Supplier, and Wand Supplier next to the Rogue Trainer, Cleric Trainer, and Wizard Trainer respectively. These Supplies give players a free bow, focus, and wand.
  • Almost all icons are now in game for human characters. Feats, weapons, and armor all have icons (though a few are still not showing up).


  • Temporarily removed most non-functional consumables from the Alchemy recipe drop list (i.e., recipes for poisons will not start dropping until we have the tech to make them work). Blanches designed to add a temporary material keyword to a weapon are default recipes, so will continue to be available but non-functional for the time being.
  • Added Dagger, Battleaxe, Spear, Shortbow, Trophy Charm, Rogue Kit, Spellbook, Holy Symbol, and a couple of extra armors to the starter gear drop list. Increased the chance to drop armor. When you receive starter gear now, you should have approximately a 50% chance to get a weapon, a 40% chance to get an implement, and a 10% chance to get armor.


  • We have transitioned from a local server to a larger off-site server