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Viewing posts from November, 2012

What To Expect From Early Access Beta

At Goblinworks, we like to do things a bit differently where we can. We've learned a lot from our relationship with Paizo and their focus on embracing customer feedback. We also have a long history of game development and want to avoid working too long without being connected to our players. MMO's are ultimately a service business, and finding out what the customer wants is the most important part of the business.

I Can See for Miles

This is our 26th dev blog. We have published them every two weeks for... an entire year.

Live Through This

Goblinworks has regularly scheduled briefings where each team shares their work with the others and with Paizo, so that we're all working from a common set of assumptions. I've asked that the notes from those meetings be consolidated so that we can start putting that information into a pipeline that gets it into your hands as well! Of course, not everything we talk about can or should go into circulation, as much of it is too theoretical at this point to be actionable; rather than burden the system with a lot of FAQs about stuff that may never happen, we'll try to limit this flow of info to the content that seems likely to move forward in terms of development.

Gentlemen, You Can't Fight in Here! This is the War Room!

We're busy assembling video for the presentation of the Technology Demo to our Kickstarter backers. Last week we had a whole crew of Goblinworks staffers playing adventurers and goblins as Art Director Mike Hines gave everyone directions on where to go, how to fight and when to die. If only life were as simple. :)