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Viewing posts from February, 2013

Murder by Numbers

Last week was focused on interviews—and lots of them! We had several candidates in the offices seeking positions on our engineering team, and we've sent out several offer letters as a result. If all goes as planned, we'll have some new faces to introduce next week!

If I Had a Hammer

Last Friday, the team did their first major milestone presentation. Everyone participated in producing art, game design, or software for this milestone. We all got a chance to see some of the work the art team is doing on the first character models that will be used as we begin to test the game, as well as experiments the art team did on various shadows and surface lighting techniques. The game designers continue to elaborate on the idea of hexes and how various hex types will interact to form the overall map of the game world. And the programmers showed off a working multi-client / server implementation of a chat service which they are using to test their networking systems. We are also able to visualize a large in-game space with a walled structure, some watchtowers, trees, and terrain looks so we can debate questions of size, scale and distance from a common reference. The world is taking shape!

Are You Experienced?

Hello everyone! We're back with another blog and a quick update on our progress!

I Shot a Man in Reno Just To Watch Him Die

Hail, fellow crowdforgers!