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Viewing posts from July, 2013

Some Good Reason for Your Little Black Backpack

Designer Stephen Cheney has a great discussion of inventory and looting below, but before we get to the crunchy goodness of game design, I want to take a moment to recognize a special accomplishment!

Milestone 2 Update

Pathfinder fans, it's an exciting time here at Goblinworks—Milestone 2 has arrived!

Making Movies

As we promised last week, here's a short video that shows off some of our recent progress in building landscapes, settlements, characters, and animations. We showed an earlier version of this in our Pathfinder Online seminar at PaizoCon, but art director Mike Hines has done a little work here and there to get the latest material into the video. Remember, this is a work in progress: We have thousands of lovely trees already populating that landscape! But for now, grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the movie!

PaizoCon Report

It was a pretty crazy week here at Goblinworks HQ! We participated in PaizoCon 2013, and presented our first "live" demo of Pathfinder Online for the public.

Iron and Coke, Chromium Steel

The player-driven economy is at the very heart of the game design for Pathfinder Online. The economy and the drive for territorial control are two sides of the same coin. Why do you need to control territory? To sustain and expand your economic resources. Why do you need to expand your economic resources? To improve and advance the infrastructure of your territory. Working in a feedback loop, these elements create the engine of drama that gives players something interesting to do within the virtual world of Pathfinder Online.