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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Viewing posts from October, 2014

Early Enrollment "Hold"

The start of Early Enrollment is very near.  But it will not be the 30th of October.

Release Notes for Alpha 10.0

Today we deployed Alpha 10. The critical feature of this deployment is the first iteration of War of Towers - read more about it!

The River Kingdoms Go To War

The next update to the Alpha, 10.0, will begin the War of Towers. This is a key feature of the early part of Early Enrollment. It provides a variety of important features that closes a number of critical game loops. It is the most significant game system update to the Alpha yet.

Alpha 9.1 Update

Alpha Stress Test is Beginning We are starting the Alpha Stress Test this morning. Every person with an Alpha, Alpha Invite, Early, Explorer or Open Enrollment account will be able to log in to and get the Alpha 9.1 client and log in to the game.

Alpha 9 Has Arrived

Alpha 9 Has been deployed! We have released a new client version for the Alpha Test, version 9. That version is now live and when you run the Patcher you'll be pulling the Alpha 9 version automatically.