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Setting Up Companies and Settlements in Early Enrollment

How to Configure Your Persistent Social Groups Companies and Settlements are at the very core of our game design objective of maximizing meaningful human interaction. This brief guide will explain what you need to do to get your Company and Settlement correctly configured so that you'll be able to gain the benefits of using these tools, including the benefits that will be turned on when the War of Towers begins.

Hard is Fun!

We Do These Things Not Because They Are Easy But Because They Are Hard President John Kennedy spoke those words as he described the New Frontier - his vision of the kinds of challenges the United States would attempt in the 1960s, including sending astronauts to the moon and returning them safely to the earth.

Managing Your Game Time, Game Client, Characters and Packs

A How-To For Early Enrollees tl;dr If you cannot log in to email Only Alpha and Early Enrollees can play in Month 1 of Early Enrollment Once you set two characters to train XP on an account with Destiny's Twin you can't make any XP changes without losing the Destiny's Twin perk New Player Packs and Class Packs are available in Month 1 of Early Enrollment A Great Beginning Early Enrollment marks a transition from a point in the project mostly focused on creating a first iteration of game features and identifying and fixing major bugs to a mode of continuous long-term iteration on features. You are seeing a 5-year development in it's 2nd year! Your input on how features work, how to improve them, and new features to add is called Crowdforging and we welcome it. This is a unique opportunity to have a real, significant effect on the development of a major new MMO. Give us your thoughts and feedback on the Forum!

48 Hours And Counting

Early Enrollment Will Start at 10:00am (Pacific) on Wednesday December 31st Last week we built and extensively tested our final pre-release build for Early Enrollment. That build has passed the qualification criteria we established for the Early Enrollment release and we are now starting the 48 hour countdown to release.

Alpha 15 Release Notes

Alpha 15 Release Notes We are continuing to work hard on server capacity and more gracefully handling situations where the server becomes overloaded.  Alpha 15 sees the debut of functions that impose hard caps on Hex populations. As of Alpha 15 if a Hex becomes overloaded, magical barriers will rise around the Hex to block access until the load is reduced. We are aware of the many issues this system generates with regard to zerging PvP activities but we believe it is the best tradeoff of stability and functionality at this point in the project's development. This solution to the problem is expedient, not necessarily permanent, and as we continue to improve the server capacity and load-balancing we'll continually reassess the need for exclusionary barriers.