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Viewing posts from May, 2014

More Info on the Crafting System

This week we're going to highlight more information about the crafting system.  We know that crafting is a huge topic and something that a lot of people are really interested in learning more about.  As we move closer to beginning Alpha testing we are now beginning to implement all the pieces of tech and game design that have been built in parallel but not integrated up to this point into the client.  We are finally reaching the point where it makes sense to talk about these systems without having to use so many "we don't knows" and "that's still being worked on", etc.

Rushing the Land

During the 2nd Kickstarter we had a promotion for Guilds to compete for spots on the map for the initial Settlements. Through that promotion we were able to engage with more than 100 Guilds and get several hundred people to participate in the Land Rush Poll.