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Viewing posts from July, 2014

Alpha Testing Week of July 30 2014

Alpha Testing Update! We are now preparing to release Alpha version 5!

Alpha Testing Week of July 17th 2014

Alpha Test Update We are prepping Zog for this week's Alpha Test.  The server will open at 3pm (Pacific) today (Thursday) and close at 6am (Pacific) on Saturday morning, unless we decide to operate with extended hours.  If extended hours are greenlit we'll notify all the Alpha players directly.

Alpha Testing Week of July 10th 2014

Alpha Test Update We are preparing for Week 3 of the Alpha Test.  This week we will continue to use the build from last weekend, which we moved up a week to accommodate PaizoCon.  We are now on our regularly scheduled cadence of planning for a new build every other week.

Alpha Testing Week of July 2nd 2014

This is the update for the week of July 2nd 2014.  This is PaizoCon week and we will be keeping the server on-line for extended hours so folks at the show can play in the Alpha.The hours of operation (Pacific time) for the Alpha Server will be:Thursday: 3pm - (no close)Monday:  (already open) - 6amBecause of PaizoCon our staff will be stretched a bit thin.  If there are problems with the server it may remain unavailable for an extended period.  If that happens we will make an update post on the forums in the Pathfinder Online subforum.