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Viewing posts from May, 2017

Early Enrollment v12 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v12. This build was deployed to the Live Servers on Thursday, May 25, and has been running on the Test Servers since Tuesday, May 23. This release greatly enhances the ability for settlements to have meaningful control over their own territory, including the ability to decide how much access other players have to their buildings and what the overall security level is for hexes under their control. It also makes it easier for players to decide just how much PvP they opt-in for, with players unable to be attacked by other players until they either join companies that get feuded or enter hexes that allow more PvP. There are also several other significant changes, including changes to the Azlanti Stones (renamed to Aeon Stones, they are now a rare drop from all escalation events, and the recipes for combining them into more powerful stones now drop as well), two new T3 escalation variants (Elite Dark Elves and Elite Duergar Slavers), and improvements to the AI for NPC mobs (including spreading their initial attack out to anyone nearby instead of just party members, sharing agro with their teammates, a higher likelihood to retarget when their current target stays out of range, and the ability to do AoE attacks without hurting their teammates).