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Early Enrollment v6 Overview of Features

While we release version notes for each of our updates, they can be a bit dense or truncated, so we’re going to start the practice of releasing a blog when we have completed a build to explain the hows and whys of the things in the version notes. Hopefully this will make their functionality more clear and give players some idea as to why we’ve chosen to work on these things. This first blog in that series will focus on EE6.

Gods, Factions, and Alignment

Recently we’ve had some questions about where we are going to go with Clerics and their feats long term as we have introduced several Cleric feats lately that eventually will have interactions with the alignment and faction system as they are related to specific gods.  We thought we would lay out our plans so people could better make their choices going forward.

Territorial Conflict Roadmap

NOTE:  We’ve been reading the comments everyone has been making since our EE v4.0 release notes went up and have decided to change our plans in regards to the War of the Towers for v4.0 based on your feedback. 

Rushing the Land

During the 2nd Kickstarter we had a promotion for Guilds to compete for spots on the map for the initial Settlements. Through that promotion we were able to engage with more than 100 Guilds and get several hundred people to participate in the Land Rush Poll.

Gentlemen, You Can't Fight in Here! This is the War Room!

We're busy assembling video for the presentation of the Technology Demo to our Kickstarter backers. Last week we had a whole crew of Goblinworks staffers playing adventurers and goblins as Art Director Mike Hines gave everyone directions on where to go, how to fight and when to die. If only life were as simple. :)