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Updating the Test Server Experience

Hello! It's been a while since I wrote a blog entry, and I'd like to talk a bit about our testing server strategy.

Alpha 14 Release Notes

Alpha 14 Released We are focused on internal performance improvements in Alpha 14. We are working toward Early Enrollment release as soon as possible. Please help us by continuing to gather in settlements and test the server performance.

Unity'd States

The Middlewares Are A-Changin' I'm excited to finally tell the story of how we progressed from the Tech Demo to the current game on Unity. As Ryan mentioned in his blog, we looked at several engines early during Technology Demo development. We ended up settling on BigWorld because it has a great reputation as a solid server technology. BigWorld allows for dynamic 'cells' which distribute the server load across many machines, and helps games scale quickly to very large numbers of players. We already had friends at Wargaming, who developed World of Tanks using BigWorld technology, and they were enthusiastic about BigWorld.

What To Expect From Early Access Beta

At Goblinworks, we like to do things a bit differently where we can. We've learned a lot from our relationship with Paizo and their focus on embracing customer feedback. We also have a long history of game development and want to avoid working too long without being connected to our players. MMO's are ultimately a service business, and finding out what the customer wants is the most important part of the business.