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Early Enrollment v10.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v10.1. This update has been on the Test Server since the 27th of July. It was deployed to the Live Server on Monday, 10 August.

Holding & Outpost Warfare

Holding Warfare Blog This week as the next step in activating features in Early Enrollment v10.1 we are going to deploy the Holding & Outpost Warfare system.  Also included are some changes coming in the EE10.1 patch including changes to Holding upkeep, Settlement Upkeep, and combat. 

Early Enrollment v10 Release Notes

Players, this morning (Friday 10 July) we began releasing Early Enrollment v10. This release consists of several distinct features which will be activated over the next several days, and are not all turned on as we begin play this morning.

Update to Pricing & Free Trial System

The release of Early Enrollment v9 also includes some major changes to our pricing and our Free Trial program.

Early Enrollment v9 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v9, which has been deployed to the LIVE SERVER as of Friday 12 June.Early Enrollment v9 is primarily a Polish update that encapsulates a lot of fixes and improvements to existing systems. The primary emphasis of Early Enrollment v9 is: