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The Big Chill

August is the Coldest Month This week marks a big milestone in our Alpha testing program. When players log into Zog starting on Thursday they're going to find that the River Kingdoms have become a harder, harsher place to thrive in than ever before.

Countdown to Early Enrollment

[Updated 21AUG14:  We are not going to have Adventure Time with Bonny this week, so no Darksiders either - see below for more details.]

Congratulations To The Land Rush Winners

Congratulations Winners!

More Information about Premium Items

Today we announced two premium items that are available for purchase in the Goblinworks Shop. This blog explains in more detail what we're doing, why we're doing it and how it will all work.

Major Announcements: Start of Early Enrollment, New Explorer package, Premium Items

Announcing the Start of Early Enrollment! We are pleased to announce that we are expecting to begin Early Enrollment on September 15!