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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

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48 Hours And Counting

Early Enrollment Will Start at 10:00am (Pacific) on Wednesday December 31st Last week we built and extensively tested our final pre-release build for Early Enrollment. That build has passed the qualification criteria we established for the Early Enrollment release and we are now starting the 48 hour countdown to release.

Alpha 15 Release Notes

Alpha 15 Release Notes We are continuing to work hard on server capacity and more gracefully handling situations where the server becomes overloaded.  Alpha 15 sees the debut of functions that impose hard caps on Hex populations. As of Alpha 15 if a Hex becomes overloaded, magical barriers will rise around the Hex to block access until the load is reduced. We are aware of the many issues this system generates with regard to zerging PvP activities but we believe it is the best tradeoff of stability and functionality at this point in the project's development. This solution to the problem is expedient, not necessarily permanent, and as we continue to improve the server capacity and load-balancing we'll continually reassess the need for exclusionary barriers.

Alpha 13 Release Notes

Alpha 13 Released For your enjoyment over the Thanksgiving weekend we've built Release 13 for the Pathfinder Online Alpha.  This is not the Early Enrollment release candidate but we are oh so close.  So close we can taste it.  Or maybe that's just the turkey dinner.

Alpha 12.1 Release Notes

Update: Alpha 12.2 Released Alpha 12.2 will shortly be deployed. This build addresses a single issue that some (not all) characters were experiencing with their inventory. Some accounts were having trouble accessing the crafting tab, and were unable to drag items from their inventory to the bank. This issue has been resolved.

Closing the Gap to Early Enrollment

Transparency:  We Can Haz It! Our forums have been abuzz for the past month or so with speculation on the path that Goblinworks is taking to get from the Alpha Test to Early Enrollment. This blog is going to describe that roadmap in some detail. We believe that a fundamental tenant of Crowdforging is enabling the community to see "behind the curtain" and understand what we're doing on a short-term basis so that they can provide informed feedback for longer-term work.