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Update to Alpha Test for the Weekend of September 20th

Build Process Ongoing The team is in process of generating the next build of the Alpha Test which will take all night to complete. Early tomorrow morning (Saturday), assuming the build completes successfully we will begin testing the new code. If the software passes our basic test we will be deploying it to the Alpha Test servers in the early afternoon.

Alpha Stress Test and Combat Updates

Alpha Updates for September 20th 2014 Our current plan is to update the Alpha with new features and functions this Saturday the 20th. That is our current plan but it is subject to change based on our results at completing the build and test processes in the meanwhile. We will update the community with any news regarding changes in this schedule if and when they happen.

Alpha Testing Week of September 12 2014

Alpha 8 Is Will Be Live Shortly We are rolling out Alpha 8 early in the morning of Saturday September 13th.  The game is running on the live operations server and not on Zog for the first time.  We will make an announcement on the forums tomorrow first thing in the morning (Seattle time) when we have concrete info to share.

Early Enrollment and Alpha Updates

Early Enrollment Map Expanding and Start Date Changing We are committed to the ideals of Crowdforging. Giving our players a real seat at the table and a voice in our decisions about how we develop Pathfinder Online.

One Does Not Simply WALK Into Early Enrollment

The Lede(*) We're moving the start of Early Enrollment down the timeline one week to September 22.