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Combat Mechanics Changes for Early Enrollment v10.1

Early Enrollment 10.1 Feat Changes In EE10.1 (which we will be deploying as soon as it has passed it's QA certification on our Test Server), we’re making several individually minor changes to feats that add up to some noticeable changes. Below, we explain the reasoning for each of the changes, and an overall picture of what these feats will look like in Early Enrolment 10.1.

Feat Icon Heraldry

We made a big push to provide icons to all the items and Feats that were still missing them. While we were going to be adding icons for Feats that were missing them, we went ahead and converted all of them to a consistent set of visual rules that will make it easier to distinguish the icons for various active Feats and provide more information at a glance. Rather than make everyone work out how you can get that at-a-glance information, this guide explains the theory behind the icon construction:

Your Friend the Token

Your Friend the Token Tokens are frequent loot drops from creatures in Pathfinder Online. They represent fleeting moments of triumph that can give you a small advantage in your battles. You equip them by dragging them from Inventory to the Wond[rous] slot on the Paperdoll. Once slotted, using them in combat (by pressing 9 or 0) gives you a buff. They’re very fast to activate and don’t cost Stamina or Power.  You can put up to 9 of the same Tokens into the Wond[rous] slot. They’re a good way to try out the buff system, and get a virtually free boost in a challenging combat. They're also a great way to experiment with various effects that are often associated with Feats so you can learn how to use them and decide if you like them before you spend XP on a Feat.