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Blessed Territory Auction

Welcome to the Blessed Territory Auction!

There are currently ten hexes around Fort Inevitable (map and coordinates below) that can’t be claimed because there’s no spot to put a holding in them. With the next update, holdings can be placed in each of those hexes. To avoid a mad rush to do so right after the update is deployed, and to avoid disadvantaging anyone who can’t be online at that time, we’re running an auction to bid on first-week building rights in exchange for Blessings of Pharasma (or for coins, though even a single Blessing will outbid any amount of coins). In addition, each winning bid will receive an optional free teardown of the buildings in another hex (kits and influence normally lost in teardowns will be returned, teardown hex must be owned by the same company that places a holding in the auctioned hex) to make hex exchanges easier.

We’re also extending the timeline for turning Blessings in for Boons at a five-for-one-ish exchange rate until the auction is completed so everyone can hold onto their Blessings and still take full advantage of that offer with any left over after the auction.

Bidders for these building rights must be an active character and must be bidding on behalf of a company/settlement that the character is an owner/leader of. There is no restriction on the number of bidders an individual player can use to submit bids, nor to the number of banner companies a settlement can use. However, the active character, settlement/company and vault must be unique to each bid. To place your bids, send an email to before Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 1 listing the following (more detailed template below):

  • Your active character and the company/settlement you’re bidding on behalf of, both unique to this bid.
  • The hexes you’re bidding on listed in priority order.
  • The amount of Blessings or coins you’re bidding for each hex. These amounts can be the same across all the hexes, or drop as the hex priority drops, and can even shift from Blessings to coins. For bids in Blessings, also list the maximum amount of backup coins you'd be willing to pay if your bid is automatically reduced below 1 Blessing (i.e. if you'd rather pay 1 Blessing instead of paying more than 1 Silver, but would prefer to pay 1 Silver or less and keep the Blessing, say 1 Silver).
  • A shared vault (owned by a Company or Settlement, not a Personal or Party vault), including the vault’s location, containing enough resources to cover the highest bid in Blessings and the highest bid in coins. No two bidders can share the same vault, and be sure you have sufficient control of the vault to prevent your resources from being removed before the bids are processed.

We strongly suggest that initial bids be emailed a week or so in advance in case any issues need to be corrected. Edits will be accepted right up until the deadline, including changes to bid amounts.

Right after Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 15 we’ll process the bids. First, the highest bid (or, in the case of a tie, a bid chosen randomly from those tied for highest) will be identified and the activity status of the bidding character will be checked. If active, we’ll then verify that there are sufficient resources in the listed vault to cover the highest bid made in each resource. If the resources are there, they’ll be given the building rights to their highest-priority hex, all other bids from that character will be removed from contention, and so will all other bids for that hex. If they’re inactive or lack sufficient resources, all of that character’s bids will be removed from contention. We’ll repeat the process until building rights have been awarded for all ten hexes. We’ll then reduce each winner’s bid to the lowest amount leading to the exact same results even if everyone else’s bids remained the same, with bids in Blessings being reduced to coins if there are no competing bids in Blessings, and all bids reduced to one Copper Coin at minimum.

Finally, we’ll collect the winning bids and post the results. For each hex, the winning company/settlement will be posted, but not the amount paid.

Once the update is deployed, the winners will have one week to place their holding and two weeks to receive their optional free teardown (exact timing to be arranged with a GM). If anyone else places a holding and/or outposts without the winner’s permission before that week is up, we will remove those buildings with GM commands. Once each winner places their holding, their building rights end and their buildings are open to attack under the standard rules.

This map has the hexes we're auctioning off marked as A-J, and here are their coordinates:

  • A: -16,15
  • B: -15,14
  • C: -14,14
  • D: -12,15
  • E: -11,15
  • F: -11,16
  • G: -11,17
  • H: -14,19
  • I: -15,18
  • J: -16,18

Please submit all bids using the following sample as a template:

  • Character: Paizo Bob
  • Company/Settlement: A Band of Bidders
  • Vault: A Band of Bidders Company Secure
  • Vault Location: Thornkeep
  • Hexes in Priority Order:
    • E: 3 Blessings (1 Gold backup)
    • A: 3 Blessings (1 Gold backup)
    • F: 1 Blessing (1 Gold backup)
    • B: 1 Gold
    • J: 1 Gold
    • C: 1 Silver
    • D: 1 Copper
    • I: 1 Copper
    • H: None
    • G: None

Best of luck to all!

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