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Congratulations To The Land Rush Winners

Congratulations Winners!

It took 10 nail-biting weeks but in the end it all came down to 30 groups working hard to remain cohesive and strategic. The Guild Land Rush is over and we have 30 new Settlements in Pathfinder Online!

They join the 3 winners from the original Kickstarter Leaderboard, making 33 Settlements now seeded into the warp and weft of the fabric of the River Kingdoms.

On the Early Enrollment map there are spaces for 63 Settlements. Over the next several months we'll be introducing ways for new groups to claim those remaining territories but for now we want to bask in the reflected glow of the Land Rush winners.

The non-Kickstarter winning group with the most votes was Talonguard with 104 votes. They've selected spot K, a very strategic pick. They're located up on the highlands, close to two places that connect the highlands to the lowlands, and near a Monster Hex.

The group with the smallest vote total was The Bastard Sons of Daggermark. They outlasted a couple of other groups with the same number of votes - it goes to show you that being firstest is sometimes bestest! They're in a very contested area in spot Q. They've got the Hammerfist Clan to their north, the Deaders to their east, and Reading Betwween the Lines to their south. The War of Towers is going to be a crazy free-for-all in that part of the map!

All 33 of the initial Settlements will be thinking about how their placement on the map will affect their ability to harvest various kinds of resources, to take and hold Towers in the War of Towers, what trade routes will emerge as Settlements trade with each other and how the flow of new players beginning in the NPC starter Settlement of Thornkeep will flow towards the edges of the map.

They will all be trying to get bigger, faster. The Settlement system is designed for groups of hundreds of players to work together to achieve large objectives. Seeing how the initial groups grow over time is going to be one of the most interesting parts of the initial stages of Early Enrollment!

Spoils of Victory

We notified the winners of the Land Rush this morning that each of them is going to get an invite to join the Alpha test starting this week. That will allow them time to become familiar with the game systems and mechanics and begin to explore the world.

Pain Fades, Chicks Dig Scars, but Glory Lasts Forever!

We are keeping the Land Rush on-line. Lee is still receiving Guild information from people who want to be added to the Leaderboard and the Leaderboard is a great way to centralize recruiting and information flow about the Settlements. We are thinking about ways to keep getting value out of the tech we built for this promotion over the long term. You can access the Land Rush via the navigation menu at the top of, as an entry under the Pathfinder Online topic.

We'd like to hear your thoughts about the Land Rush, and let you join us in congratulating the winners on this thread in the fourms!