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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment 3.0 Release Notes

Players today we updated the game to Early Enrollment v3.0. This release has been on the Test Server for the past week and is now being deployed to the Live server. You will need to run the Patcher and update your game client before you will be able to log in.

These are the Release Notes for v3.0.

NOTE: We worked on Smallholdings, Base Camps and the craftable camps during this iteration but those features are not ready to deploy and we are continuing to work on them.


  • Changed Fighter achievement tool tips to say they require Strength or Dexterity.
  • Bandit Slayer achievements now reward Subterfuge points, Hellknight/Crusader Knight/Knight Slayer achievements reward Martial achievement points, and Outsider Slayer achievements reward Arcane and Divine achievement points.

Auction House

  • Selling items on the Auction House now requires that they have max durability and are not on cooldown.


  • Fixed bug where buffs and other combat effects were ending too soon.


  • Changed refining recipe Common/Uncommon achievements to provide a better progression up the refining skill ranks.


  • Added Javelin and Javelin Throw animations for Ogre Hurlers.
  • Thornguards now attack PCs with the attacker flag and the Thorngurad aggro range has been increased.
  • Fixed a bug where creatures were not properly getting their Perception value set. NPCs, especially Thornguards, should be more alert now to Stealth.


  • Resource ratings revised again. Previously all the hexes of a terrain type in a given region were largely the same, which meant ratings in 9-12 resources. Now the same resources can be found in the same regions, but not in all the hexes. resources have been consolidated such that while two hexes may have had a rating of 500 in each of two resources, now both of those hexes will have 1000 in one of those resources. This players should be encouraged to explore more to find the hex that gives them what they want and have to deal with less undesired resources when they get there. Most hexes now have 7-8 resources in them instead of the previous 9-12. Also now some rare hexes have tier 1 random resources out of character with their terrain type so players don't have to trek half way across the map to get what they need, but finding these hexes will not be easy and they will not have as much of the resource as the correct terrain type. So you can find Silver in the Crusader Plains on the southern end of the map, but it will take some hunting and you will never find as much as they have in the Southern Echo Peaks near Thornkeep.
  • Fixed several more terrain holes/pits.
  • Changed an unused settlement hex to be filled with low level monsters.
  • Changed some map terrain type symbols that were incorrect.
  • Added Taverns to every Settlement
  • Added maps for each Settlement that show the correct buildings for that Settlement


  • Hexes that are in the stage of just beginning to be infected no longer show up as infected on the mini-map.
  • For the Secret Messages Event in the Broken Men Escalation, the communications documents have been moved off the tables and onto the ground to make it possible to retrieve them. For the Kindling for a God Event in the Razmiran Cultists Escalation, the number of Ritual Fire Encounters has been reduced to make more room for Scribe Camps.
  • Hex icons on the minimap should more accurately show if a hex is infected.
  • Fixed some Escalation events that were spawning incorrect mobs (i.e. Thornguard)


  • Fixed some reference errors on the requirements for Light Melee and Heavy Melee Attack Bonus so they were not correctly requiring proficiency feats.
  • Added cooldowns to most area of effect cantrips.
  • Set cooldown on energetic field to 21 seconds.


  • Multiple texture fixes for characters.


  • Tier 1 consumable items now benefit from higher upgrades. This is a temporary variable fix prior to the full code fix, so Tier 2 consumables will have three less effective keywords (and Tier 3 will have six less) until the proper fix. But it means that you will see increased effect from +1 to +3 consumable items of Tier 1 now.


  • Changed implements in tutorial packs from the level 3 version to the level 1 version as intended.


  • Reputation regeneration has been altered. Characters gain 30 points of reputation an hour, in realtime. Like earning XP, the character need not be logged in to regenerate Reputation.


  • Changed reference to clerics in the Wizard starter gear quest to wizard.


  • Characters should no longer take 2 points of durability damage when respawning at a shrine in a hex other than the hex the character died in. This fix may have addressed all causes of double durability loss but we will be watching for any further appearance of that bug.


  • Added Woodshop to the Wizard/Fighter settlement template.
  • Taverns now regenerate Power of characters inside of them.

War of Towers

  • Defenders in the capture area of a tower always subtract from the points of attackers, even if there are attackers in the capture area.