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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment 7.2 and plan for Early Enrollment 8

Players we need to update you on upcoming release schedule information.

The work we are doing for Early Enrollment v8 which includes the Feud feature is taking longer than planned and we will need to delay its release by a week. We currently plan to deploy Early Enrollment v8 to the Test Server on Thursday 7 May and on the Live Server on Thursday 14 May.

There are a small number of issues with Early Enrollment v7 that we can fix immediately and we are going to do so. We are currently testing Early Enrollment v7.2 on the TEST SERVER and when we're confident that it is ready for deployment we will release it to the Live Server. This update will require a client-side patch.

Early Enrollment v7.2 will address the following issues:


  • Changed production equation to reduce bulk resources produced by outposts to the intended level, which is about half of the previous numbers.
  • Fixed collision of the Inn Holding.
  • Fixed collision on the Sanctum Holding.
  • Added missing construction states for multiple outposts
  • Fixed lanterns so they glow again.
  • Fixed missing trigger on teardown state of Hunting Lodge holding.
  • Fixed missing trigger on teardown state of Mine holding.

(These final three fixes did not make it into the final 7.2 build and will be in the v8 release instead)


  • Fixed trainers to train Role Feats at appropriate levels.
  • Restored support for Role Feats.