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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment "Hold"

The start of Early Enrollment is very near.  But it will not be the 30th of October.

For the past month we have been conducting a series of stress tests on the server. As a result of those tests we have determined that we need to continue to improve the server infrastructure before we begin Early Enrollment.

We have set an internal objective of being able to handle 2,000 simultaneous connections, and 100 characters active in a single Hex as our minimum threshold for server performance. This reflects our expected peak concurrent activity for the first 10,000 players in game - roughly what we anticipate during the first 90 days of Early Enrollment activity. Currently the server does not reliably meet that benchmark.

With your help, we generated tremendously useful data via the stress test process and our performance team is confident that they can identify areas of the server system that can be rapidly improved to hit that benchmark. They are building and testing the necessary software and are making steady progress.

We want the first players in Pathfinder Online to have a high-quality experience and we are committed to delivering the game in a condition that meets that objective. Rather than commence Early Enrollment on the 30th we are going to enter a temporary "hold" state while we continue to optimize the server.  When the team is confident that our benchmark for performance has been met, we will then exit the "hold", notify the community and begin a 48 hour countdown to Early Enrollment.

During this period members of the team who are not working on server performance will continue to polish other features already deployed in our Alpha Test. Updates to the Alpha will continue both to roll out these polished feature iterations and to test server capacity improvements.  The Alpha will remain in progress until we are ready to exit the "hold".

Our continued thanks to everyone in the community who has helped make the Alpha Stress Test a success. Your continued feedback and testing of features and interactions with the game have helped us tremendously. We're so pleased to be working with so many people who have enthusiastically embraced the idea of Crowdforging. With your continued support the start of Early Enrollment will be AWESOME!

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