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Early Enrollment v10 Release Notes

Players, this morning (Friday 10 July) we began releasing Early Enrollment v10. This release consists of several distinct features which will be activated over the next several days, and are not all turned on as we begin play this morning.

We'll continue to update this blog as we activate the additional features, and expand these Release Notes to list the details of the features as they are turned on.

Major Features

  • The Wrath of Nhur Athemon: A series of new Escalations culminating in a very tough win boss fight. Succeed in completing one of the events in these escalations to win one Azlanti Stone per account (1 total). ACTIVE
  • Holding & Outpost Warfare: Characters can now overrun Outposts, and when all Outposts in a hex are overrun, they may attempt to seize control of the Holding in that hex. Not Active
  • Settlement Training Management: Leaders of Settlements can now set the training level offered by the Settlement, which determines a weekly upkeep requirement. ACTIVE
  • Mules: Players can now recover saddlebag recipes as PvE loot, craft them, and use them at the Muleteer attached to the Bank building to summon a mule which can be used for transporting lots of inventory from point to point on the map. ACTIVE

Release Notes


  • Added achievements for the creatures faced in the Nhur Athemon escalation cycles.


  • Changed creature AI so they are more likely to chose alternate targets if they cannot reach their intended target.
  • If you are in a party with a character who attacks a Thornguard, the Thornguard will not attack you unless you have also brought down their wrath on your own behalf


  • You will no longer get the attacker flag if you attack yourself
  • You will no longer take Reputation penalties against yourself


  • Added recipes for saddlebags to Leatherworker.
  • Small saddlebags recipe is configured as a default recipe for Leatherworking and you will receive it for free until such time as we remove it from the default list.
  • Added settlement structure kit recipes to loot lists. Note that the kits are not craftable yet.


  • Smoothed out the drop rates for coin on creatures so low level creatures were not clearly more profitable to kill.
  • Changed NPC hit points and armor to reflect the recent changes to player hit points and armor: generally, higher level NPCs will gain more HP but their resistance will stop increasing at a similar point to maximum player resistances (with some variation). NPCs are also now typed based on player armor weights: NPCs with good resistance to physical damage will generally have poor resistance to energy damage, and vice versa (unlike players which currently gain most energy resistances at the same rate, NPCs tend to have lower resistances to the rarer energy types, even when they have strong energy resistance). Also changed the attacks for several NPCs to better balance with their new combat roles. Ultimately, NPCs should now have more pronounced vulnerabilities and strengths vs. different player character builds, adjusting ideal tactics. Be cautious in dealing with familiar NPC groups after the patch, as the basic concepts for them have remained, but the precise tactics for dealing with them may have changed.


  • Now hexes infected by an escalation are completely removed when the escalation source hex is defeated.
  • Escalations will now obey their fallow time.
  • Bonedancers: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Broken Men: Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Duergar Slavers: Reduced max strength to 25k and Fail Boss appearance to 22k. Reduced max instances to 1.
  • Elemental Rift: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Float Any River: Reduced max instances to 3. Removed time limits from events.
  • Goblin Ghouls: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Goblin Raid: Removed timers from events.
  • Moloch Cultists: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Mordant Spire: Reduced max strength to 25k and Fail Boss appearance to 22k. Reduced max instances to 1.
  • Nature's Wrath: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Razmiran Cultists: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Ripping Chains: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Skeletal Uprising: Reduced max strength to 25k and Fail Boss appearance to 22k. Reduced max instances for non-home version to 1.
  • Skull-Basher Ogres: Reduced max strength to 25k and Fail Boss appearance to 22k. Reduced max instances for non-home version to 1.
  • Undying Ogg: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Ustalav Invaders: Removed timers from events. Removed hourly strength growth.
  • Now all escalation names are properly capitalized.


  • Changed one keyword for certain spells to make them better fit into a forthcoming revised spell progression and able to fully match at least one role feature (Blindness-Deafness changed Negative to Psychic, Rainbow Pattern changed Enchantment to Illusion, Harm changed Primal to Shadow, and Mass Greater Inflict changed Elemental to Shadow).
  • Lowered Strength and Dexterity requirements on the 5th and 6th rank of Cleric sanctified weapon attacks by one and two points respectively.
  • Changed some of the Sanctified weapon attacks to make sure each weapon type for Clerics has an option to do energy damage; changed damage to an energy type and rebalanced the feats accordingly. Specifically: Changed Blackfinger Press to Negative damage, Entrancing Deception to Psychic damage, Cleansing Cut to Holy damage, Cowards Flee to Psychic damage, Sever Enchantments to Holy damage.
  • The error message for when you try to equip armor you are not proficienc in is clearer now.
  • Reduced secondary ability score requirements for armor feats above rank 11.


  • Feuds now cost 100 Influence as a flat cost and have a minimum duration of 2 days. Each additional day is 25 Influence up to 5 days.

Holdings and Outposts

  • Encounters no longer spawn close to holdings or outposts.


  • Renamed Trade Goods to Bulk Trade Goods.
  • Changed the encumbrance value of bulk resources to 1. They will return to 5 on the next update.


  • Settlement now have their level set by using a tool kit located just in front of the keep door. The level selected determines the max training level of the settlement. Each level requires a set amount of bulk resources each week on Monday morning that are taken from the Settlement Secure vault. If sufficient resources are not present for the selected level the settlement goes into shutdown and all trainers stop training.
  • Settlements have had their PvP window lengths decreased slightly. Also it is now based on their settlement level. 
  • Fixed Thornguards in NPC settlements so they will respawn one minute after they are killed.
  • Added muleteer to player settlements near banks and auction houses.
  • Thornguards in player settlements now have a 15 minute respawn timer.
  • All characters in a player settlement now have support level 20. Characters not in a settlement have support level 8.


  • If you have management permissions at a holding, you have management permissions for any smallholdings in that hex. This means you can tear them down, causing a husk to spawn containing whatever items were in the smallholding's vault and causing the deed to return to the owner.


  • Players can now get mules to help them transport goods. This is done by crafting a saddlebag using Leatherworker, with better saddlebags resulting in mule that can carry more. This saddlebag is turned into a mule by interacting with a gate near the bank or auction house in all player settlements, which will cause the mule to spawn. The mule will follow the owner for four hours and has a large amount of enumbrance for carrying goods. Right clicking on the mule will open its inventory. After four hours the mule becomes "Withdraw Only" inventory, and two afters after that it despawns, laeving a husk that lasts for half an hour, after which everything left is gone for good. If the mule is left alone, such as when you log off or die, the mule will wait for you for one minute. If you do not return in that minute it becomes a free mule and anyone can claim it with an interruptible ten second action. If the mule is reduced to 0 hit points it becomes a free mule and can be claimed. Note you cannot actually kill a mule, only reduce them to the free state.


  • Fixed typos in the tutorial text.
  • Changed the tutorial flow so each role quest gets their role kit out of a chest in the tutorial camp.
  • Added a step in the Training tutorial to purchase Power 1.


  • Fixed bug that was causing the textures on the map to be incorrectly displayed when you walked too far with the map centered on you and open.
  • Placed pass marker that was missing on the map.
  • World map now starts more zoomed out and with hex details turned on.
  • Achievement list formatted properly
  • Party invites now do not need to match the capitalization of the target's name, and the members of a party have their names displayed using proper capitalization rather than the capitalization used in the invite.
  • The minimap now shows hex coordinates when you mouseover yourself or others.
  • The Holdings tab of the Company Window now displays what holdings the company has and their location instead of displaying information for the company's towers.
  • The World Map will now show hex ownership details. Hexes with blue borders are controlled by your Company. Hexes with Red borders are controlled by your Settlement but not by your Company.  You will also see a red border around the hexes controlled by your Feud target.


  • Overall pass to extend the duration of most visual fx to prevent them from clipping out, and generally fixed the timing for charge up, attack and target effects so they give a better visual flow to the feat effects.
  • Fixed several broken effects where the particles were not orienting properly.