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Early Enrollment v10.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v10.1. This update has been on the Test Server since the 27th of July. It was deployed to the Live Server on Monday, 10 August.

This is a continuation of the relase of the 10.x series of updates. We anticipate at least one more release in this series, focusing on the New Player Experience. A schedule for testing and release of that update has not yet been finalized.

What's In This Release

The primary new feature in this release is Holding & Outpost Warfare. This system will allow Companies to overrun and take (or destroy) the structures of other Companies with whom they are fueding. This feature has been described in detail in this blog.

Additionally the team has introduced extensive rebalacing and mechanical adjustments to the combat system in this release. We described those in detail in this blog.

This also marks the start of the period during which inactive Settlements may change control. That process is described in the "Taking Control of Unused Settlements" section of this blog.

Here are the full Release Notes for Early Enrollment v10.1

Release Notes

Auction House

  • Fixed bug that eliminated Expendables from the Auction House. They are located under the Implements tab.


  • Fixed phrasing of Sanctified (Rogue Feature) so it will correctly trigger sneak attack while the attacker has the Favored buff. Rephrased Daredevil to the same format for consistency (Daredevil works with either phrasing).
  • Due to the changes to area of effect attacks and friendly fire, removed a cost break that was applied to AoEs due to difficulty of targeting them in a group, and rebalanced feats accordingly. Essentially, AoEs were previously powered up to compensate for the difficulty of using them without hitting unintended targets, and that powerup has been removed by lowered damage, reducing effects, and/or increasing cooldowns on feats with an AoE. We are planning a larger rebalance to combat soon, so AoE feats will likely be further adjusted at that point and we welcome your feedback on AoEs.

Holdings and Outposts

  • Changed Holding upkeep to more closely mirror settlement structure upkeep. This means lower level Holdings are cheaper to upkeep and higher level ones are more expensive, and all require a narrower variety of resources.
  • Holdings and Outposts Major Companies in a Feud can now capture each other's Holdings and Outposts. See the Hold Warfare blog entry for information as to the mechanics.
  • Changed the Influence cost of Holdings and Outposts. The base cost remains the same, but Holding upgrades now cost 50 per level and Outpost upkeep costs 25 per level.
  • The Holding & Outpost Warfare feature is now active.
  • During the capture game at an Outpost or Holding all the characters from a Company and that Company's Settlement are counted as a group. If the attackers outnumber the defenders the attackers score 1 point per 6 seconds up to 15 ponts per interval for the difference between attackers and defenders. If the defenders outnumber the attackers the score is reduced by 1 point per 6 seconds up to 15 points per interval for the difference between defenders and attackers.


  • Hostile AOE attacks should no longer hurt players in your group, company, or settlement.
  • Beneficial AOE abilities should no longer help characters who are hostile to you.
  • If you use a beneficial effect on a character who is in a feuding company while in a hex controlled by either company in the feud during the PvP window for that hex, while not being in either feuding company, you get the Attacker flag and lose -250 Reputation.
  • Characters who are in the same settlement as a feuding company can take part in the feud in those hexes controlled by the companies in the feud during the PvP windows for those hexes. So settlement members can help allied companies defend their territory or attack their opponents, but cannot take part in the feud in other parts of the world.
  • If you attack a guard of a Holding or Outpost during the PvP window of that hex and are not involved in a feud with the owner of that hex you get the Attacker flag and lose -250 Reputation.


  • Changed Settlement Upkeep totals to be closer to the intended levels for the finished settlement system.
  • Settlements may now be claimed by Companies. To claim a Settlement, it must have failed to pay Upkeep for a minimum of Level 10 support and all 6 surrounding Hexes must be held by a single Company. That Company must notify Goblinworks before the start of play on Saturday that a capture attempt is underway. Goblinworks will monitor the situation and if the same Company still controls the 6 surrounding Hexes and the Settlement has still not paid Upkeep at the start of play the following Monday, the Settlement will be assigned to the surrounding Company.


  • Fixed typo in tutorial completion text.


  • Fixed typo in settlement management message when you do not have permissions to access the settlement management window.
  • Removed mules and harvesting nods from the tab targeting queue.

User Experience

  • The bug where players get locked up after changing location, such as by charging or via death, and only see a blue screen should fix itself with logging out and back in instead of having to wait for the hourly server fix.


  • The Zog server is now more aware of where the server boundaries are and should not spawn players on the other side of them after death. Players should instead spawn in the middle of the closest hex.