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Early Enrollment v10.2 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v10.2. This update has been on the Test Server since the 3rd of September. It was deployed to the Live Server on Friday, September 4.

What's In This Release

This release features a new escalation (Them Ogres Ain't Right, which drops a new kind of Azlanti Stone), a complete overhaul of the tutorials, and the addition of Bids to the Auction Houses. There are also lots of other improvements and bug fixes, both large and small.

Full Release Notes

The Big Event: Added Them Ogres Ain't Right, a new escalation which drops a new kind of Azlanti Stone. The escalation was launched in 9 random hexes, and will become part of the regular escalation rotation when only a small number of instances are left.

Completed major overhaul of the tutorials. Added quest waypoints, quest-prerequisites, a visual signifier of who has a quest, and some new quest types, in addition to restructuring the tutorial to include more optional content, Freeholder and Expert information, and better distribution of items.

Auction House:

  • Added Bids so players can set up requests to buy a set number of goods at a set price.
  • Added Price Histories showing the average price and volume for each item sold that day, the day before, the last week, and the last month. These values only started filling in when 10.2 was released, so they'll fill up over time as more sales are made.
  • When buying items, the Auction house now spreads the purchase over multiple offerings, always purchasing the cheapest items until the quantity specified is reached. There is a bug where clicking Buy always sets the price you're willing to pay to the maximum price the item is being offered at, but the quantity is still set by the specific offering you clicked Buy next to. Assuming that offering is still available, your purchase will still be made at that offering's price, or a lower price if one is available. There is a small risk that someone will have bought the cheaper offering already and that your purchase will now be made at a higher than intended price. Until this bug is fixed, you can eliminate that concern by placing a Bid instead, specifying the quantity you want and the maximum price you'll pay per item. The system will then buy as many items as it can at the cheapest price from what's available. If it couldn't buy as many items as you wanted, you can leave your Bid open to see if anyone fills it later, or you can just cancel the remainder of the Bid.

Chat: Added Settlement Chat.


  • Fixed issues with settlement-mates taking/causing reputation hits during PvP windows despite proper feuds. Also fixed related issue where feud participants (including settlement mates) sometimes wouldn't turn red during PvP windows depending on exactly which companies were in the area.
  • Fixed bug where extending feuds extended them by minutes rather than days.
  • If you declare a feud and it ends without your company taking a holding you now get only 75% of the banked influence back. If you take at least one holding, any feud influence transferred to your new holdings and outposts is protected from that 25% loss.


  • Improved the Objectives window to better display Quests, Achievements, and Escalations. Now all three are displayed in the same window and you can switch between them by clicking on the icons in the upper right corner.
  • Updated Settlement Management UI to reflect that settlement levels are now set for weeks rather than days.
  • Fixed the hex type icons on the edge of the mini-map to display the correct hex type.
  • Added Help buttons to each window in game which, when clicked, open a Help Window with information about that window. Also included in the Help Menu are topical pages for major game systems and concepts. The Help Window can also be accessed using the Help command on the main menu.
  • Scroll bars for quest givers now operate properly.


  • All information about active escalations in your current hex, including whether or not an escalation is active there, is now in the Objectives window, not next to the mini-map.
  • Added the Nhur Athemon escalations to the standard escalation rotation. Some adjustments have been made to make them more appropriate for regular rotation, including adjusting their extra loot drops down and making the middle phase require 5 event completions instead of 1. Green Crystal Protectors were also made tougher.
  • Added a new Bloodbriar goblins escalation in the monster hexes south and east of Thornkeep. They run repeatedly as part of the new tutorial, and a new one will start within one hour of a previous one being cleared.
  • Duergar Slavers, Mordant Spire and Undying Ogg now launch up to 2 instances instead of just 1.
  • Adjusted the Nature's Wrath event The Twisted Earth to launch some clerics of Erastil at uneven encounter sites. This avoids situations where the clerics couldn't find a 5m site to spawn in.
  • Fixed Ripping Chains event Thieving Goblins (it probably wasn't running for the last few builds).


  • Added a few new Spells: Improved Force Missile, Improved Hydraulic Push, Improved Speed, Shout, Improved Acid Arrow, Improved Blind, Improved Boil Blood, Improved Endurance, Improved Strength, Improved Web, Lightning Ray, Improved Ray of Exhaustion, Greater Enfeeble, Greater Force Missile, Greater Glacial Blast, Greater Haste, Greater Hydraulic Push, Greater Rainbow Spray, Greater Sleep, Greater Speed, Greater Acid Arrow, Greater Boil Blood, Greater Endurance, Greater Strength, Greater Web, Greater Fatiguing Flood, Greater Lightning, Greater Scourge, Greater Sleet Storm, Greater Toxic Cloud, Improved Blessing, Improved Cause Fear, Improved Endure Elements, Improved Aid, Improved Darkness, Improved Divine Endurance, Improved Divine Strength, Improved Hold Person, Improved Resist Energy, Improved Sonic Burst, Improved Curse, Improved Deafness-Blindness, Improved Holy Light, Improved Invisibility Purge, Improved Prayer, Greater Blessing, Greater Cause Fear, Greater Endure Elements, Greater Aid, Greater Darkness, Greater Divine Endurance, Greater Divine Strength, Greater Hold Person, Greater Resist Energy, Greater Slay Living, Greater Sonic Burst, Greater Symbol of Pain, Greater Deafness-Blindness, Greater Holy Light, Greater Invisibility Purge, Greater Mass Divine Endurance, Greater Mass Divine Strength, Greater Prayer, Greater Symbol of Fear, Superior Dispel Sorcery
  • Added missing "if Attacker has Mighty" conditional to Shatter (Two-Handed Blunt) and increased damage slightly.
  • Changed Shield Proficiency to be Constitution based rather than Strength based.
  • Changed Penetrating and Vital Strike: A few Vital Strike variants changed if they were providing a debuff that the weapon as a whole did not combo off of (e.g., most still apply Bleeding, Longbow also adds Revealed, Battleaxe applies Razed, Greatclub applies Dodging, Club and Shield apply Exhausted). All Penetrating Strike variants were changed to do extra Base Damage based on the debuff applied by Vital Strike (e.g., Base Damage +X if target is Bleeding), and to apply a small amount of one effect conditionally on another (both effect are ones commonly used by the weapon); essentially,
  • Penetrating and Vital Strike now fit into the weapon's combo path and allow Fighters different combo options. Vital Strike does more damage than Penetrating Strike.
  • Changed Minor Cure and Channel Positive Energy to have a smaller up-front heal and add rounds of Regeneration (they heal a little more total, but it takes time and makes it harder to stack them).
  • Lowered the cost of Regeneration and Fast Healing buffs slightly (most feats that grant these effects grant them for longer).
  • Slightly increased stamina costs (and, thus, damage and/or other effects) for attack feats and utilities across the board. They weren't returned to their previous costs (in particular, secondaries still cost 1.5x primaries rather than 2x), but hopefully back to a point where you can risk running out of Stamina, particularly while Exhausted.
  • Reduced knockback on Cowards Flee.
  • Returned Shadow Blast to a Long Blast AoE.
  • Reduced activation time for Spring Heel (Toolkit maneuvers) to 1.1 seconds.
  • Reduced activation time for Rogue Kit evade maneuvers to 1.1 seconds.
  • Improved effects on Holy Light and reduced damage.
  • Slightly increased Knockback on Force Hail.
  • Rebalanced effects on Whirlwind and Fire Whirl to give them the same damage factor.


  • The UI for setting permissions to Settlement and Settlement Upkeep vaults now works properly. However, the servers still use the default settings. Although the settings will not be recognized yet, Settlement Leaders should go ahead and set the permissions to either their desired settings or the default settings so they don't get any big surprises when the servers do start recognizing them.
  • Settlement Thornguards are now all within the settlement hex boundaries.
  • Mousing over your Settlement Level on your Company Window will display both your current Settlement Level and your Settlement Level for next week.
  • Fixed bug where settlement leaders could use the Company Management window to accept or reject applications to other settlements.
  • Fixed bug where slash commands for managing a settlement could be used to forcibly recruit companies that have not applied to join a settlement.

Holdings and Outposts:

  • Removed trainers from shut down Watchtower holdings.
  • Removed power regeneration from shut down Inn holdings.
  • Fixed a bug where Outposts would persist in a hex even after the Holding in that hex had been destroyed due an extended lack of upkeep. Now Outposts will be destroyed if the Holding is destroyed due to lack of upkeep.
  • Added missing trainers to the +2 Library holding.
  • Guards at Holding and Outposts do not attack members of their owning company or settlement regardless of Reputation.

Guards: All guards at settlements, holdings and outposts respect company/settlement affiliation.


  • Changed monster population in the hexes around Thornkeep to reflect the new tutorial.
  • Added Lamashtu Cultists and Whispering Way necromancers as new low-level monsters near Thornkeep.
  • Cultist Recruiters and Fanatics now count as Cultists. Cultist Protectors now count as Elite Cultists.

Mules: Attempts to reclaim mules while ghosting on hex borders will now result in an error message. The trick to reclaiming the mule is to fully enter the hex the mule is considered to be inside, then approach the mule and reclaim it. This may require trying multiple hexes to figure out which hex the mule is officially in.


  • Added prerequisites to the existing quests so that they generally won't be offered until a player is ready to handle the targeted monsters.
  • Added quest waypoints to the existing quests so that it's easier to find the hex the quest giver pointed to. The quest givers will light up when the prerequisites are met.

Vaults: Deposit-Only Permissions now work properly.

Map: Fixed some display issues with the map that could occur after traveling over long distances, particularly while dying repeatedly.

Combat: Monsters no longer get caught in an audio/animation loop when stunned.

Encounters: Removed log stools from some bandit camps to prevent players from getting stuck.

Patcher: Accept button for EULA appears more easily to better handle resized screens.