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Early Enrollment v11.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v11.1. This update was deployed to the Test Server on Friday, January 22, 2016, and to the Live Server on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on bug fixes and general gameplay improvements, including a /stuck command for getting characters out of deep holes and other sticky situations, improved vault filtering and sorting, and the ability for settlement leaders to manage permissions of the Settlement and Settlement Upkeep vaults.

On a sadder note, a memorial to Brenna Stonebreaker was added at the top of the lower stairs into Forgeholm. Our condolences to Giorgio and all those close to Brenna in Golarion and beyond.

Full Release Notes

Stuck: Typing /stuck into the chat window will start a 5 minute timer. If the character doesn't move and doesn't get into combat during that time, she will be teleported to the nearest shrine. This is intended for use anytime a character is stuck in a hole or other problematic terrain feature and there isn't a GM available. Please file a support ticket to report the location of any player traps before using this command.


  • Vaults are sorted and filtered the way Auction Houses are. There are a few items that wind up in some odd categories for the moment (e.g. Coins are listed under Crafting/Salvage), in part because the original categories only covered items that were intended to be sold on the Auction House. These will be cleaned up in future builds.
  • Vaults have an additional Miscellaneous category to display any items that don't have a proper category. If you find any items in this category, please file a support ticket to report them. This category will be removed when we can clean up the item database and be sure that every possible in-game item has a proper category.
  • The Deposit All button on the Inventory window will deposit everything in Inventory into the currently selected Vault.
  • Raw Materials are sorted by Material Name instead of Quality. This is true for all alphabetically sorted lists that include Raw Materials, such as Inventory, Vaults and Auction Listings.


  • Settlement Leaders can set the access permissions for Settlement and Settlement Upkeep vaults. Those permissions were all set to the default values that have been enforced by the server for the past several months during the same downtime that EE 11.1 was rolled out. After that, any changes to the permissions will be respected by the bank and by all crafting and refining buildings.
  • A memorial to Brenna Stonebreaker was added at the top of the lower stairs into Forgeholm.
  • Settlement Names can be changed with a GM command without deleting and recreating the settlement.
  • The tall stairs at the bottom of the Player Settlements can be climbed without jumping.
  • Several graphical issues with Structures were fixed to make them line up better with each other and the terrain they're on, and to improve the collision models of the Structures.
  • A warning is given when attempting to place a Structure Kit of a higher plus value than is necessary. Players can still go ahead and use the Kit if desired, with the understanding that the resulting Structure will be identical to what would have been placed with a lower plus value. Until upgrading goes live, this means that any Structure Kits +1 to +5 will provide a warning, since all Kits from +0 and up result in the same basic Structure.
  • The Spellwright Structure has the proper sign and has been reworked to give it a unique appearance.
  • The Keep walls can't be walked through on the corners.
  • Graphics for the Lab Structure have been improved.

Inverted X and Y Controls: A setting is available on the Main Menu to invert the X and Y controls when using the mouse.

Escalations and Quests:

  • Win Bosses drop Recipes.
  • For the Dark Elves, Ogre Servitor encounters are properly labeled.
  • The wandering Ustalav Boss drops better loot than the Home Ustalav Boss, to better offset the drops available from wandering Legends.
  • Rolling Bones text properly refers to Greystone Keep.

Auction House: Auctions last 4 weeks instead of 1 week.


  • Text in the Objectives Window doesn't dim when players are in a Party.
  • Tooltips for complicated Achievements, such as Role Achievements, are back.
  • Waypoints and Event Markers display properly over monsters and NPCs on maps.
  • Influence numbers on the Company windows are rounded down to properly reflect how much influence is available for use.
  • The "Couldn't Connect" message on the login screen mentions the daily maintenance times.
  • Roles on the Character Sheet are properly separated.
  • Text in the Objectives Window doesn't get cut off at the ends of long lines.
  • The Quest Window scrolls properly.

Smallholdings: Husks for torn-down Smallholdings contain everything from both the Personal and Party Vaults.

Trading: Items in mid-trade are protected from loss if a character disconnects before the trade is completed.


  • Several deep holes and other player traps were fixed.
  • Woodlands hexes once again launch Default Encounters of all sizes instead of just Unevens.
  • Terrains around the NPC Settlements such as Marchmont were adjusted to take into account that none of these are Starter Settlements anymore. Most had been adjusted long ago, but there were a few stragglers. This included changing all the hexes surrounding Marchmont into Wilderness hexes that can have Holdings and Outposts placed in them.
  • Mineral Nodes sit properly on terrain.

Offensive Character Names: A new GM command makes it possible to change character names. For now, this ability will only be used to alter names that violate our Terms of Service.


  • Level 7 Expendables require T3 Implement Proficiency.
  • Light Blade Weapon Proficiency requires Subterfuge.
  • Icons added for Strong Back, Trainee, Channel Positive Energy and Channel Negative Energy, as well as for all Basic Attacks and Exploits on Wands, Staves, Foci, and Shields.
  • Support Level is fully respected by all Feats. Previously, many Feats were being supported at all ranks regardless of a character's Support Level, allowing characters to get support without joining a Settlement.

Holdings and Outposts:

  • All Holdings and Outposts have proper signs when Shut Down.
  • Hunting Lodge Holdings don't have an extra tent sticking out of the shed at higher upgrades.


  • Cloaks and Packs display on characters.
  • Materials for all weapons were improved, and the blade guards on some of the swords were reworked.
  • Sanctified Iron Light Mace displays the proper model.
  • Pot Steel Helm displays the proper model on male dwarves.
  • Claim Tickets and Exquisite Circlets have proper icons.