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Early Enrollment v14.3 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v14.3. EE 14.3 has been running on the Test Server since Friday, January 5, and was deployed to Live on Wednesday, January 10.

What Is In This Release

EE 14.3 fixes a number of small but important issues. In preparation for the upgradable structures coming soon in EE 15, the amount of pine and other resources needed for those structure kits has been updated to better reflect demand. Resources have also been redistributed to make sure that every resource has a fair number of hexes where it can be more easily gathered.

Other improvements were made to guard AI, Line of Sight, Daily Maintenance time, and preservation of additional states when crossing hex borders, along with several other improvements based on feedback received since EE 14 and its successors were released.

Full Release Notes


  • Adjusted gathering resources to take into account the needs for structures, and ensured that every gathering resource has a reasonable number of hexes where it is relatively abundant for its tier. In particular, pine was made more abundant and there are now multiple hexes where it can be gathered fairly easily. However, since these changes only alter the maximum amount of a resource a hex can hold, it may take a day or two for the world to generate resources up to these new numbers.


  • Fixed some issues that would result in guards treating mobs as teammates, which would result in the guards attacking allied players.
  • Stun and Immobilize no longer prevent characters from provoking Opportunity if movement keys are held down throughout.

Line of Sight:

  • The servers now take harvesting nodes into account for LoS somewhat like clients do. They don’t use the exact same collision models as the clients do yet, so there will still be some disagreements between the client and server, but this should significantly reduce the likelihood of mobs attacking through gathering nodes while players are unable to attack through them.
  • Ensured that the heights and centers used for mob collision models are identical between client and server. This should reduce the likelihood of mobs being able to fire over a hill or other object when the UI says you can’t fire back.

Daily Maintenance:

  • Reduced some lower-priority logging so there’d be less data to back-up each day during Daily Maintenance. This should bring our average Daily Maintenance period back toward the hour or so it was originally taking.
  • Adding some logging to Daily Maintenance to help us see where it would benefit most from further optimization.

Hex Borders:

  • Feuds aren’t momentarily forgotten when crossing hex borders, which could result in unintended reputation losses.
  • Stealth status is correctly maintained when crossing borders, and will then visibly discontinue if a character starts running after having crossed a hex border while stealthed.
  • Movement/Jump states are correctly maintained when crossing borders, so that characters will properly provoke Opportunity even if they don’t stop moving.


  • Action Bar ammo container tooltip properly updates when switching ammo containers.
  • “Used all ammo” message shows up properly for last type of ammo in container.


  • Various quests no longer include Base Attack Bonus 1. This probably didn’t affect many players, since Base Attack Bonus 1 is usually learned pretty quickly.


  • SetRankPermissions command was made GM-only until we can provide a user-friendly process for setting those permissions.