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Early Enrollment v15.2 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v15.2. The release build of EE 15.2 has been running on the Test Server since Thursday, August 9 and was deployed to Live on Friday, August 10.

What Is In This Release

This release adds Friends Lists, making it much easier to keep track of other characters you'd like to interact with regularly in-game, along with providing tools to make those interactions easier to initiate. Each character maintains separate lists for Friends (you both agreed to be friends) and Admirers (characters who asked you to be friends). These lists can be managed by clicking on the new Friends Lists icon at the top of the screen.

Hermitage and Manor Holdings have also been added, along with multiple UI improvements (e.g. dropdown action menus on the Party UI and Top Bar for selected characters, inclusion of your own character in the Party UI, ability to Show/Hide the Party UI, tooltips for the Main Menu icons), bug fixes (e.g. map servers won’t start unless they’re able to load their buildings) and other polish work.

Full Release Notes

Friends Lists:

  • Friends Lists can be accessed by clicking on the new Friends Lists icon at the top of the screen. This brings up a window with two tabs, one for Friends (you both agreed to be friends) and one for Admirers (characters who asked you to be friends).
  • The online status of friends is displayed on the Friends tab.
  • Clicking on a friend or admirer will bring up a pull-down menu with contextually-appropriate actions, including Friend (accept an admirer as a friend), Unfriend (remove each other as friends), Whisper (opens Chat with whisper command and username prefilled), Trade (sends a trade request) and Invite (sends invitation to join party).
  • A Friend button (opens a window where a character can be specified and sent a friend request) is available on both the Friends and Admirers tabs.
  • Alerts are shown for both new friends and new friend requests.
  • Export (creates a file listing all current friends) and Import (reads a file of character names and tries to friend them as appropriate) buttons are available on the Friends tab.
  • Friend/Admirer status is included in both the Party UI and the Top Bar for selected characters.
  • Friends Lists can also be managed using the following chat commands: /Friend, /Unfriend, /AcceptFriend, /DeclineFriend, /ExportFriends and /ImportFriends.
  • You can have up to 100 friends and 100 admirers.
  • The L key opens and closes the Friends Lists. If you already have a player_settings file at the default location, you'll need to copy this manually from the default.player_settings file.


  • Hermitage and Manor Holdings added, along with the recipes for crafting them. These holdings use multi-purpose doors very similar to those on Adventurer’s Cottages and Crafter’s Studios, so they don’t have separate clickable toolboxes, vault doors, banners or muleteer signs.
  • Individual hex servers re-run their startup process until they successfully load the information on whether or not there are buildings/structures in that hex.
  • Settlements with no structures at all are properly charged for settlement level upkeep.
  • The Keep trainer and Seneschal refining in Thornkeep moved from the castle to the Weaponmaster Structure.
  • The Keep in Rotter’s Hole uses the same castle model as a Keep +5, though it still acts like any other NPC Keep.
  • Training taxes properly don’t round up to the next integer when rounding isn’t needed at all.
  • Workhouse Structure no longer banks 1 Security DI per placement or upgrade. All settlements with extra DI banked already will be reset later to the new values. If the extra banked DI is causing your settlement problems and needs to be reset quickly, contact
  • The stone saw prop’s collision model tightened up to keep it from blocking clicks unnecessarily. In particular, the previous collision model made it hard to click on the bank door for higher upgrades of the Quarry Holding.
  • Banners for Barracks Holdings made easier to click on. If this version works out well, it will be rolled out to other holdings over time.
  • Toolboxes at Library Holdings moved to make them easier to click on.
  • Gap covered up between platform levels for higher upgrades of Watchtower Holdings.
  • Several settlement structure models edited to improve visuals (e.g. Arcanist’s Workshop, Loom).
  • Structure Kit descriptions and the Structure Management Window include DI requirements for structure placement and upgrades.
  • The caged elemental at Thornkeep's castle was recaptured after its recent escape.


  • Sanity checks added around character movement to prevent sudden movements (e.g. charges, teleports) from occasionally sending characters to non-existent places (i.e. blue screens).
  • Additional logging added around character movement to help us track down any remaining problems with sudden movements.


  • Tokens only take .3 seconds to activate and can be equipped in stacks of up to 50 tokens.
  • Seneschal can be used to meet the prerequisites for Passionate in the Workshop.
  • Guild Codex Collection recipe uses same number of codexes as other expendable-based collections.
  • Descriptions for Domain Feature Feats and Sanctified Attacks include prominent warnings about their (eventually) required deities.
  • Magister’s Diminishing Staff is visible when attacking.


  • Dropdown menus with contextually-appropriate command (e.g. Friend, Whisper, Invite, Trade, Kick, Promote) are available on both the Party UI and the Top Bar for selected characters.
  • Your character is included in the Party UI.
  • The Party UI can be shown/hidden by clicking on the arrow next to it.
  • Tooltips added to all the Main Menu icons.
  • Company Search was given a unique icon in the Top Bar.
  • Multiple Help entries added or edited.
  • Sorting improved on Trade, Inventory and Loot Windows.
  • The clickable areas for Alert buttons more closely align with the actual size and placement of the buttons.
  • Sorting and labeling for Company Windows was cleaned up.
  • Pronoun use for Town Crier Messages fixed.

Company/Settlement Messages:

  • Setting blank company/settlement messages clears the message and gives appropriate notification.
  • Default text and duration are set appropriately in the Company/Settlement Message UI when there’s no previously set message.
  • /RefreshCompanyMotd and/RefreshSettlementMotd have clearer error text if there’s no message to refresh.
  • Message alerts only include a Dismiss option.


  • Objective tooltip for Skeletal Uprising event Shallow Graves displays useful information instead of placeholder text.
  • Collision Models for Goblin Standards tightened up to make them easier to click on during events.
  • Multiple tutorials were edited to remove typos and improve clarity.