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Early Enrollment v16 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v16. The release build of EE 16 has been running on the Test Server since Thursday, November 29 and was deployed to Live on Friday, November 30.

What Is In This Release

This release adds the ability to enchant and equip gear with hundreds of bonuses. To support that, there are hundreds of new enchanting recipes for spellcrafters, refining recipes for all types of refiners, rare mats available only for gathering in specific monster hexes, and rare salvage items available only from specific escalations. Lots of other adjustments were made to support enchantment, such as improving the auction houses to properly handle purchases of enchanted items, granting achievements for enchanting items, and providing new types of conditional bonuses for some of the enchantments. As always, multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes


  • Gear can be enchanted by Spellcrafters at appropriate crafting facilities to provide a wide variety of bonuses when equipped. These bonuses all go into a new Enchanted channel so that they can stack with similar bonuses from other sources. Similar to other channels, bonuses inside the Enchanted channel won’t stack, with the special exception of Encumbrance bonuses.
  • Enchanted gear requires a specific number of Enchantment Points (based on tier and upgrade) to equip. Characters start out with 10 Enchantment Points and gain more by training the new Enchantment Points feat.
  • Enchanting recipes drop as part of the regular recipe drops, along with recipes for the new refined items used in those enchanting recipes. Each enchanting recipe requires at least one refined item made primarily from specific new non-harvestable (gather only) raw materials that are found only in specific monster hexes, along with at least one refined item made primarily from specific new salvage items that can only be obtained in loot drops from mobs in specific escalations.
  • Azoth can’t be used yet on enchanting projects, but we’ll be adding that soon.


  • New Enchantment Points feat so characters can train to equip more enchanted gear. Advancement is gated by role achievements.
  • New Expert and Freeholder role achievements.
  • Toolkit and Holdout Weapon Implement Proficiency now require Expert and Freeholder role achievements for advancement.
  • New Spellcraft achievements are awarded for enchanting items or crafting Aeon Stones.
  • The Spellcraft feat now requires Spellcraft achievements for advancement.
  • The regeneration bonuses on the Wright armor feat function properly.
  • The skill point prerequisites for Power can now also be met by Crafting or Adventure.
  • Armor feat descriptions at rank 14 were edited to reflect that Archer provides the Light keyword rather than Medium, that any new keywords are major rather than minor, and that any new keywords allow the use of different types of armor rather than different weights of armor.


  • Aeon Stone recipes now require ranks 7-19.
  • New Spellcrafter Codex recipes are learned by default at the standard Spellcraft ranks (5, 10, 16).
  • Error messages are now displayed in red explaining why a project isn’t ready to be queued up (e.g. Incomplete Stocks).
  • A rounding error was fixed that on very rare occasions prevented Azoth from upgrading a crafting project.
  • The Crafting Window no longer displays default item text when first opened.


  • At auction houses, bids and purchases can require a specific enchantment, or that the item is unenchanted.
  • Manor and Hermitage holdings have a more appropriate number of guards.
  • An issue with town cryers was fixed that could sometimes cause visual glitches after a very long play session.
  • The help entry for feuds explains Raids and the 48 hour delay on Captures.


  • Gathering the new raw materials for enchanting requires 3 ranks higher in gathering skills per tier than is required for standard gathering. Where standard raw materials require ranks of 0/7/14 in the appropriate gathering skill to gather T1/2/3, raw materials for enchanting require ranks of 3/10/17.
  • Crafting Tutorial only requires gathering one piece of wool, and guarantees that one will be gathered at the next scavenger node inside one of the designated hexes. The additional wool needed for refining the yarn is provided by an NPC right before that stage.
  • The hexes around Thornkeep no longer provide the excess wool previously needed by the crafting tutorial.
  • Bag of Holding and Ring of Protection Claim Tickets are now treasure boxes that deliver enchanted items. New Player Packs now deliver those enchanted items directly, rather than as claim tickets.
  • Salvage items no longer include source information as part of their display names.

Update 1: Removed the warning about bids not always matching enchantment requests, which was fixed with a minor update on December 6.

Update 2: Added that gathering of raw materials for enchanting requires higher gathering ranks 3 higher than usual per tier.