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Early Enrollment v16.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v16.1. The release build of EE 16.1 has been running on the Test Server since Tuesday, December 18 and was deployed to Live on Wednesday, December 19.

What Is In This Release

This release adds the ability to run escalation sequences in the monster hexes, with each completed escalation followed by the next one in the sequence ten minutes later. There's also a new secret escalation, tougher and more rewarding than all the previous escalations, which for now will only be available at the end of a complete sequence that includes all the escalations. Significant changes were also made to the AI for target acquisition and leash ranges. As always, multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes


  • Monster hexes can now run sequences of escalations, with each completed escalation replaced by the next escalation in the sequence after a ten minute delay. For now, these sequences are reserved for special events.
  • Our holiday event, The Nhur Athemon Sequence, will end with a new secret escalation, tougher and more rewarding than all the previous escalations.


  • Creatures have individualized leash ranges, with longer attack ranges generally translating to shorter leash ranges. They also partially reduce their leash ranges as they take damage.
  • Creatures take Line of Sight into account when considering whether to switch targets.
  • All creatures now use initial attacks with a range at least as high as their other attacks.
  • Nhur Athemon and the Atrophied Lich no longer stand still.
  • Some ninjas are now ranged.
  • Regeneration buffs, such as Righteousness, once again provide their full regeneration bonus.


  • Output quantity is once again displayed properly on the Crafting Window.
  • Random Shojinawa Masters display the correct unit name above their heads.