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Early Enrollment v16.2 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v16.2. The release build of EE 16.2 has been running on the Test Server since Thursday, January 31 and was deployed to Live on Thursday, February 7.

What Is In This Release

This release fixes a few issues with enchanting, including a general issue with weapon enchantment keywords not working and some specific enchantments that weren’t working properly. Fixes were also made to the way escalation event encounters are cleaned up after an event is completed. As always, multiple smaller improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes


  • Weapon enchantments get the full benefits of their keywords.
  • Lesser/Greater/Superior Critical Resistance provides Critical Resistance instead of Improved Critical.
  • Dark Shielding provides Negative Resistance instead of Sonic Resistance.
  • Contingency Protection provides Sonic Resistance instead of Negative Resistance.
  • Descriptions for enchantments providing multiple keywords are more readable.


  • After an event ends, all remaining event encounters disappear as soon as they’re out of sight, or after 5 minutes, whichever happens sooner.
  • The minimum delay between events is 6 minutes to ensure that all encounters from a previous completed event are gone before a new event starts.
  • Bloodbriar Goblin Raid has more standard strength drops.
  • Questgivers for kill quests state which prerequisites are missing when right-clicked on.


  • Enchanting salvage drops are spread more evenly, particularly between tiers.
  • Tian Xia enemies drop Black Pearls as salvage.
  • Mordant Spire loot bonuses are based on Geography instead of Local.
  • Necromancers and cultists drop robes instead of clothes as salvage.
  • Paueliel Log is spelled correctly.
  • A warning is shown in the Crafting Window if insufficient Azoth is applied.


  • Shield attacks require Shield Expert achievement at same points other attacks require similar achievements.
  • Nature is no longer available at any trainers, since there currently aren’t enemies that base their loot bonuses on Nature.


  • War Wizard structures face the correct direction in player settlements.
  • Deleted leaders are removed from companies even if they’re the last remaining leader.


  • Help text edited to fix spacing issues and minor typos.
  • Item Confirm Window says OK instead of Ok.