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Early Enrollment v4.2 Release Notes

These are the release notes for Early Enrollment 4.2 which was deployed to the LIVE SERVER on Thursday 26 February. We deployed v4.0 on 20 February, but a bug related to the excessive spawning of monsters caused us to revert to the previous 3.x build while we fixed that problem. 4.2 is that fix.

The 4.x series of builds have been on the TEST SERVER since 14 February.

Early Enrollment 4.2 brings a major set of new features - Campfires, Base Camps and Smallholdings. We've been moving towards this release for quite some time and it marks the first time when players can erect persistent structures in the game world visible to every character. This is the first iteration of this technology and we'll be adding to it steadily in the months to come.

This blog describes the feature in more detail.

We are also making major changes to the War of Towers. The biggest change is that we are removing the towers adjacent to the Settlement hexes, which reduced the total number of towers substantially. Those hexes will no longer have PvP windows. Our intention is to concentrate War activity into fewer, more contested locations. We will continue to watch and adjust the War of Towers based on player feedback!


  • When a entity is killed all party members within visual range of the dead entity will get a weapon-related Achievement point based on whatever weapon each eligible party member is holding when the mob dies (as well as a point towards the "slayer" Achievement for that entity type). In other words, if a character is holding a Divine Focus, and another character in the same party kills a nearby goblin, the first character would advance one point in the current x of y tracker for the Divine Focus Weapon Expert Achievement.

Auction House

  • Changed auctions to be 7 days.
  • Adjusted listing fee to 3.5% list fee.
  • Added checkbox to Auction House UI to hide items with no active listings.


  • You can no longer delete a character if it is training.
  • Once set, Destiny’s Twin cannot be disabled.


Added divine attacks for Light Knife (Desna), One-Handed Blunt (Asmodeus), One-Handed Fencing (Norgorber), One-Handed Sword (Iomedae and Sarenrae), Piercing Polearm (Gozreh), and Two-Handed Sword (Gorum and Lamashtu). They are all trainable at the Seminary. These are currently trainable with the associated deity's domains as a prerequisite, but will eventually be a faction-reward for membership in the appropriate church. You will NOT be allowed to unlearn these Feats or be refunded XP for these Feats if you do not worship the associated deity and can no longer slot the Feat once church factions and alignments go live.

  • Star Slinger, Dance of Liberation, Dreamstrike, Windblade: Desna Only, will eventually require Starknife.
  • Sacrificial Dagger, Razor's Curse: Any light knife-using deity (including Desna).
  • The First's Follower, Penitent of the Pit, and Archfiend's Acolyte: Asmodeus Only, will eventually require Light Mace.
  • Banishing Blow, Sapping Smite, and Invoking Invasion: Any one-handed blunt-using deity (including Asmodeus).
  • Skinsaw Cut, Blackfinger Press, and Reaper's Escape: Norgorber Only, will eventually require Short Sword.
  • Entrancing Deception and Dismissing Prime: Any one-handed fencing-using deity (including Norgorber).
  • Ward of Valor, Inheritor's Strike, and Sword of the Light: Iomedae Only, will eventually require Longsword.
  • Dawnflower's Caress and Fire Whirl: Sarenrae Only, will eventually require Scimitar.
  • Ward of Withdrawn Favor, Cleansing Cut, Slash of Sacred Speed, and Strike of Sacred Strength: Any one-handed sword-using deity (including Iomedae and Sarenrae).
  • Frosthorn, Thunderspike, and Bramblequill: Gozreh Only, will eventually require Trident.
  • Entangling Thorn and Stinging Rebuke: Any piercing polearm-using deity (including Gozreh).
  • Son of Redlust, Daughter of Chillheart, and Child of Madness: Lamashtu Only, will eventually require Falchion.
  • Reveal the Coward, Clothed in Iron, and Cowards Flee: Gorum Only, will eventualy require Greatsword.
  • Unshakeable Blade, Sever Enchantments, Virulent Edge, and Into the Fray: Any two-handed sword-using deity (including Lamashtu and Gorum).

Added Channel Positive Energy and Channel Negative Energy utility feats at the Temple. These are currently trainable to anyone who meets the requirements, but will eventually be a faction-reward for membership in the appropriate church. You will NOT be allowed to unlearn these Feats or be refunded XP for these Feats if you do not worship the associated deity and can no longer slot the Feat once church factions and alignments go live. Channel Positive Energy will be available to Good aligned Deities, Channel Negative Energy available to Evil aligned deities, and both will be available to Neutral aligned deities.


  • Improvement to placement of dynamic objects should reduce the number of nodes that spawn in trees or inside encounter area, fewer nodes hanging off the side of steep slopes, and more locations where small groups of monsters can appear in irregular terrain
  • Added large rocks to environment as visual decoration and landmarks.
  • Added unique rock formations at various locations throughout the world.
  • Improved resolution of base color textures for terrain throughout the world, giving better differentiation to terrain features.
  • Many fixes to 'pits/traps/holes' in terrain, including a new process that we believe will eliminate nearly all of them. Some larger broken terrain features may remain, but this fix is meant to eliminate the single point errors that commonly appeared near roads.
  • Unified LOD settings for many assets to improve loading consistency and improve performance.
  • Roads are now a different shade of brown in settlements to differentiate them more clearly from the building plots and help with navigation.
  • Fix for collision on large rock formation that was trapping players.


  • New Event added to Ustalav Invaders Escalation.
  • All Escalation Win Bosses now drop appropriate Expendables (e.g. bandit leaders will drop Rogue Maneuvers, cult leaders will drop Cleric Spells).
  • Skeletal Uprising Win Boss changed from Fighter to Wizard.
  • Fixed a bug so that symbols indicating a hex is infected with an escalation should only appear when there are actually creatures of that escalation in the hex.
  • Rebalanced most of the multi-stage Escalation Events to let a party of 3-4 players complete the Event without having to return to the associated NPC too many times. Also added more NPCs where there was previously only one so that they'll be easier to find.
  • Skull-Basher Ogres will now spawn more ogres and less goblins.
  • Goblin Ghouls will now spawn more goblin ghouls and less canine ghouls.
  • Ustalav Invaders now top out at Generals, no longer spawn Heroes or Legends.
  • Improved effectiveness of Ustalav spellcasters.


  • All expendables are now slower and more powerful. This includes consumables (potions, misc alchemy, grenades, and tokens). They are now all interruptible (and it may be important to interrupt them, because a lot of them now hit like a truck). These timings are for testing, so please let us know if you prefer the slow and interruptible expendables or would prefer to see them reduced in speed and power.
  • Changed several spell keywords slightly so every spell has at least one feature (school or domain) that is able to activate 100% of its keywords. As part of the same pass, changed Conjurer (Wizard feature) to get Fire as a keyword instead of Overwhelming and Water Domain (Cleric feature) to get Excoriating and Besieging as keywords instead of Mending and Cataclysmic.
  • Removed Stationary from Rogue Kit attacks.


  • There are now a number of location achievements spread across the game that award a variety of Achievement points for finding them. Some are altars to various gods and locating those places provides a Divine achievement point.


  • Added Constitution to the ability score prerequisites and Subterfuge and Crafting Achievement points for Light Armor Proficiency 2 and 3.
  • Added Divine Attack Bonus to requirements for various levels of Divine Favor and Shield of Faith.
  • Added Holy Symbol Implement Proficiency 3 to requirements for level 5 of Divine Favor and Shield of Faith.
  • Added missing % symbol to Archer and Evangelist armor feats.
  • Area of Effect now has a multiplicative rather than additive effect on the cost of a feat (previously, AoEs could get extremely potent if they were slow and/or expensive, because the AoE cost didn't scale with the power of the attack very well). This means most attack AoEs are using a cooldown to balance their costs and spell AoEs haven't increased in power at the same rate as other spells (since the increase is now paying for the AoE).
  • The new math came as part of a new sheet that makes it easier to make precise changes to effect magnitudes. That is, expect to see numbers that are not multiples of 5 more often on effects. We'll probably round those off eventually, once we're happy with the balance.
  • Added Spell Suppression to Occultist Trainer.
  • Changed Freeholder and Expert armor feats to grant multiple ability scores and require one of multiple ability scores, except Guide which remains Personality focused.
  • Crowdforged: Buffs now usually last longer than a single round, and expendable-based buffs can last several minutes. There's a chance they're now /underpriced/ so we welcome your feedback on whether now buffs are too good to not use. In general, there were changes to the cost of effects like healing and buffs (particularly Quickened/Hasted and Fast Healing/Regenerating) based on player feedback.
  • Changed trainers so that level 8 trainers do not train the fourth rank of attacks, level 9 trainers do. This means the fourth rank of attacks will no longer be available in NPC settlements at all.


  • Attached particle effects to NPC attacks that needed them but did not have them. Hooked up an arrow projectile to player bow attacks.


  • Fixed a bug Installing on Windows 8 that gave error code and required running the patcher again.


  • Standardized the name colors for salvage items so white is Tier 1, green is Tier 2, and purple is Tier 3.
  • Multiple helmets now show up properly on characters in game.
  • We have added a server-side flag to some items to exempt them from the death penalty system. We have flagged the New Player Packs and the Class Packs so they will not be destroyed or left on husks. Deeds for Base Camps and Smallholdings use this same system.


  • Added recipes for variant weapons that activate the Sanctified keyword for the new divine attacks.


  • You will no longer lose reputation more than once if a target you attacked dies repeatedly.


  • Added Camps to the game. Camps may be deployed from craftable camp items, and once deployed may be used to regain Power. They can only be deployed in cleared small encounter areas. Camps last ten minutes once deployed and are used by clicking on the campfire. Higher level camps restore more power. Camps may only be used every four hours. See the most recent blog for more information:
  • Added Base Camps to the game. Base Camps are premium items that can be purchased on They can be deployed in any cleared medium sized encounter area. Base Camps last five days and restore power like a camp plus have a vault accessible by the owner. Base Camps have a ten day cool down once used. See the most recent blog for more information:
  • Added Smallholdings to the game. Smallholdings function like Base Camps but have no set duration. See the most recent blog for more information:


  • Item name & description texts have been updated/fixed.
  • The loot window now has an encumbrance indicator.
  • Players are now able to remove personal map pins again.

War of Towers

  • Changed max number of capture points per tick in War of Towers to 15. So bringing more than 15 people to capture a tower will not help.
  • Crowdforged:  The number of Towers required per increment of training was tested on the Test Server at 4, but has been left unchanged on the Live Server at 3.
  • Crowdforged: Removed the towers from the six hexes surrounding each settlement. Those hexes will no longer have PvP windows.
  • Crowdforged:  PC Settlements that choose not to hold Towers will be able to train Role achievements up to 9th level. We will slowly raise this cap over time so that PC Settlements that don't hold Towers will increase their training capabilities but won't catch up to the PC Settlements that do wish to hold Towers.
  • Crowdforged:  PC Settlements that choose to hold Towers will gain 1 level of training capability for every 3 Towers they hold. Training to 10th level will require a PC Settlement to hold 3 Towers. Right now, 10th Rank in the Role achievements is the furthest characters should be able to reach based on the max XP they have been able to earn. We estimate that 11th Rank characters will begin to appear in a month to a month and a half, and 12th Rank characters in about 3 months.