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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment v5.0 Release Notes

These are the release notes for Early Enrollment v5.0. Early Enrollment 5.0 has been on the TEST SERVER since Friday 27 February and is scheduled to deploy to the LIVE SERVER on Thursday, 5 March. You will need to patch your client before you can play Early Enrollment 5.0


  • Added Fane achievements for 9 Deities at unique rock formations throughout the world.

Auction House

  • Auction House listings will correctly hide listings for "+" values of items that do not have open auctions


  • Changed Hex chat channel to a General chat channel accessible from anywhere in game.


  • Improved company search functions.
  • Added Filter criteria to Company Search.
  • If you are the Leader of a Company, when you open the Company Info Panel for your company by clicking on your Company Name in Company Search, an "Edit" button appears on the Company Search panel at the top next to "SEARCH COMPANIES" that enables you to set filter criteria for your Company. Be sure to click "Save" after making changes.


  • Added Aphorisms for Minderhal to the Chat Emotes: /secondstone and /stoneteach.


  • Added 16 Events to 12 Escalations. Some of these Events are simple variants of those in other Escalations (e.g. you can now poison the goblin pickles in all the goblin-centric Escalations), but most are new. With these additions, all Escalations now have at least 2 Events available per Phase.
  • Target numbers for Encounters of each size have been adjusted to better match the number of available Encounter sites of each size. This should result in fewer Encounters spawning within view.


  • Changed the Basic [Weapon] Exploit attacks to apply an appropriate stacking debuff and state rather than additional damage on their conditional, and tweaked the amount of Precise they granted to balance out the change in value. These attacks are meant to teach players to make use of conditions at low level, but, in practice, their high damage seemed to be obscuring their intent. We will likely continue to iterate on them based on player feedback to get them to the right state of usefulness.
  • Changed Wisdom ability score requirements and bonuses for Artisan armor feats to Dexterity.
  • Added Crafting achievement points as an option for advance Light Armor Proficiency.
  • Lowered the ability score requirements for Reflex Defense Bonus, Fortitude Defense Bonus, and Willpower Defense Bonus. Now they need an 11 at level 7, a 12 at level 8, a 14 at level 9, and 16 at level 10.


  • Added the missing Adamantine keyword to the Tier 3 Adamantine weapons.
  • Fixed minor typos in document fragments.


  • Fixed monster spawning issue causing all spawn points to be full.
  • Removed monster spawns that were too close to spawn points.


  • Reduced most creature attack interrupt chances to less than 100%.
  • Gave several roguish creature attacks a damage bonus when untargeted (and a balancing drop in damage when targeted) similar to the Rogue Cut-Throat feature.


  • Fixed resource ratings so they would regenerate properly.


  • Added Skirmisher trainer to Cleric/Fighter settlements and moved the tavern.
  • Added guards around settlement banks, particularly in Marchmount and the former starter towns.
  • Removed some guards from near the Pharasma Shrinres in town.


  • Added missing icons for some buildable equipment
  • Some fixes to Paper Doll UI for readability and names of slots


  • Removed War of Tower shrines from hexes that no longer have towers in them.
  • Kindleburn has experienced dimensional transmogrification. You may find Kindleburn in two locations in the world - the correct location as shown on the map, and the location it occupied during Alpha Testing. We recommend that you not use the Bank, Local Vault, or Auction House at the incorrect Kindleburn location. High Level Wizards are working on ending this strange dimensional artifact and Kindleburn will return to being in one place at one time in Early Enrollment 6.0