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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Early Enrollment v7 Release Notes

Early Enrollment v7 has been deployed. This update has been on the TEST SERVER since Saturday 11 April. You will need to patch your game client before you will be able to play.

Holdings & Outposts

This update includes a major new feature: Holdings & Outposts. We've blogged about this feature extensively and we're very happy to be deploying it. This feature will be iterated substantially in the next two Early Enrollment updates with additional features and polish.

You need to be the Leader or an Officer of a Company to place a Holding or Outpost. Your Company must have 100 avaialble Influence for a Holding, and 50 for an Outpost. To claim a Hex (place a Holding) the Hex must be clear of Escalations and you have to find the area where the Holding can be placed (usually in the middle of the Hex) and clear it of any monsters that have spawned there. Right-clicking on the Kit in your inventory will place a pin on your Local Map showing you the proper location if you're close enough. Right-click on the Kit to begin construction when you're in the right area.

Holdings cannot be deployed in Hexes with a Blue "NPC" shield icon or the six Hexes around NPC Settlements, in a "Pass" Hex (the hexes marked with an "X" on the World Map), in Monster Hexes, Badlands Hexes, Hexes currently containing a Tower or potential future Settlement Hexes. Because a Holding cannot be built in those Hexes, Outposts cannot be constructed either.

In Early Enrollment v7, Holdings will provide Local Vault storage, and they have Trainers. The Trainers will provide a reduced level of Training even less than NPC Settlements.

A future iteration of this feature will enable Companies to upgrade their Holdings and some of those upgrades include increases to Trainer levels. Other upgrades will include refining facilities, guards, etc. The upgrade potential of a Holding will be related to the "+" value of the Kit used to build it. Each "+" of the Kit represents a potential level of upgrade (up to +5). It is likely that you will be able to retroactively apply an improved Kit to an existing Holding to increase it's upgrade potential but that system has not been finalized. 

Outposts are designed to generate Bulk Resources. Bulk Resources are not consumed in Early Enrollment v7 so it is best to plan on just banking them for later use. They are generated at the start of the PvP window for the Holding and automatically appear in the Holding's Vault. In future releases first Holdings, then Settlements will consume Bulk Resources in relation to how advanced they are, and without Bulk Resources they'll decline and eventually be destroyed.

Note: After an Outpost or Holding has been torn down it will remain in the final stage of the teardown state until the start of the next server day. The Holding cannot be torn down until the Outposts have been removed. And a new Holding cannot be built until the previous Holding has been removed.

Other Changes of Note

There are a lot of mechanical changes mentioned in these Release Notes and we have a blog ready that discusses them in some detail.

Early Enrollment v7 includes a new foe to challenge the characters - the Duergar, and several features in these Release Notes reference them. Read all about these mysterious Darklands invaders in this blog!

Arcane spells are now affected by armor! Wearing heavy metal armor reduces the damage and buffs of arcane effects (cantrips and spells) in various ways.

Training costs Coin. We're introducing another "drain" in the Coin Economy. Now you'll have a reason to start using all those coppers! Many Feats have no coin cost at low ranks. When a Coin fee is required it will appear in the Feat Trainer window under the "Exp Cost" entry.

Two big targeting fixes (target detected on click-down, and larger targeting volumes) are in!

For a variety of behind-the-scenes reasons when a character logs in to Early Enrollment 7 for the first time the character will not be at max Hit Points or Power. We recommend that you visit a Tavern or use a Campfire to restore Power as you start your first session in Early Enrollment 7.

Known Issues

You will not be able to run the client multiple times in parallel unless you set the quality setting for each client to "Fast". We are investigating the cause of this issue.

The Inn Holding retains a collider placed during construction which may block access to the Trainers. The Expert Trainer is inaccessible and the Inn Trainer can be accessed only if you stand in exactly the right place. You will still be able to access the Local Vault. This is an error and will be fixed in Early Enrollment v8.

We are not satisfied with performance on Macintosh with this release. If you are unable to play the game on Macintosh please email for a game time credit.

We have improved the targeting system but we still aren't satisfied with the improvement. Clicking on stationary targets is easier but we have still not reached the point where it is easy to target a moving character (especially if you are moving too). We'll continue to iterate on this functionality.

When mousing over the icon for an Agressor flag the tooltip shows no text.

There are some lighting effects which are misbehaving and you may see "flashes" of light as a campfire enters the visible scene, and some particle effects may stream into the scene from unexpected directions. Some light from torches and other light sources may not be rendering correctly and may look like static balls of light rather than the correct "flickering" lighting.

Release Notes for Early Enrollment v7

Bug Fixed

  • Coin may again be withdrawn from the Bank.


  • Increased all player character base hit points by 200.
  • Improvements made to Jump animations to fix broken landings.

Chat Emotes

  • Added common duergar expression: /slavestolaw: Dealings done within sight are slaves to law; deeds done in secret are slaves only to purpose.


  • Penalties to Frightened and Drained will now be displayed properly on your character sheet.
  • A successful sneak attack now counts as if the target were flat-footed for that attack from that attacker.
  • Attacks now cancel if you change or deselect your target.
  • Effect Power and Protection should now scale appropriately according to how many keywords are matched.
  • Fixed a bug where AOEs were using the main target's defenses for all targets hit by the attack.
  • Effects will automatically step down to lesser effects, such as stun to immobilize, if they have more than a 30% reduction in effect due to the attack roll and effect power/protection.
  • Doubled the negative HP required to die (but increased the bleed out rate proportionately by 50%). This should mean that you're less likely to go directly from alive to dead by taking enough damage to skip unconsciousness, but you'll have to wait less time to bleed out if you're knocked unconscious and then ignored. Set creatures to lose almost all threat to a target they've knocked unconscious (so they're more likely to move on to other party members rather than continuing to focus on the unconscious player, granting more opportunity to heal the dying player character).


  • Adventurers have trapped an unusual creature that is being held in a cage at Castle Thornkeep. Further investigation is warranted and the Thornguard have asked the denizens of the Crusader Road to watch for more sightings of these entities.
  • The former residents of Riverbank, the faculty and students of Pathfinder University are moving. They will now be located east of Thornkeep and north of Kindleburn. Their Settlement is now named "University Commons". We encourage new players to contact Pathfinder University and learn about the classes and services they offer. Click here to learn more!
  • Removed NPC Hexes from around old starter Settlements.


  • Fixes to both duplicated (flickering) boots and gloves, and to jumbled textures on boots and gloves for many suits.


  • Added the Duergar Slavers Escalation. The duergar looking to drag a new workforce down into the Darklands.
  • Increased the damage inflicted on escalations in orphan hexes dramatically (they'll be much easier to remove).
  • Homeland hexes will now spawn their specific escalation cycle regularly as opposed to just being full of the escalations monsters, though the base monster population will not change.


  • Improved the melee damage and effects bonus to compensate somewhat while we nail down the proper tech fixes to some of the issues with melee combat, and rebalanced the attacks to these new modifiers. This results in most melee attacks gaining around 30% more damage if they were previously mostly damage-focused, and even more if they previously had most of their budget spent on effects, or a reduction in Stamina cost for 0-damage attacks
  • Orisons had previously been accidentally balanced as if they didn't require ammo, so they were less powerful than they should have been relative to wand cantrips. They have been rebalanced as if they require ammo (even though ammo is still not implemented).
  • Fixed range on Smash (Greatclub) to 23 meters.
  • Removed Penetrating from Searing Armor (Mage Staff) and increased the damage factor slightly (it would have weird effects with how we're currently applying immunity for NPCs).
  • Adjusted requirements for the new role based attacks added in EE6 such that they are available at the levels where their keywords would be most useful. The Experience Point cost of these abilities did not change.
  • Replaced Outfitter (Expert Armor) skill bonus to Architect with a bonus to Seneschal.
  • Rebalanced the divine weapon attacks to use the new non-General feat math introduced for the new role attacks: they will now cost about 25% more Stamina and have increased damage and effects to match.
  • Fixed Combat Expertise (Utility) to be Beneficial (it was missing this effect previously, so required a target).
  • Changed Shear (One-Handed Axe) and Smash (Two-Handed Blunt) to apply their Splash to the target instead of the user. This is a temporary fix and will be changed back once Charge effects are working as intended.
  • Fixed the new role-based secondary attacks (Vital Strike, Trick, Master Strike, Channel Smite, and Channel Force) to animate their attacks with the off-hand when dual-wielding.
  • As a bonus to arcane casters now subject to Spell Penalty, improved the damage, cost, and/or effects of all feats that are affected by Spell Penalty (Cantrips, Spellbook Spells, and a few consumables).
  • Added two Role features each for Experts and Freeholders. They are available at the appropriate trainers.
    • Passionate in the Workshop: Bonus to all gathering skills, all refining skills, and Base Attack
    • Invested with Secrets: Bonus to all gathering skills, all knowledge skills, and Base Defense
    • War Willing: Bonus to Artificer, Bowyer, Alchemist, Weaponsmith, Iconographer, Spellcraft, Base Attack, and extra Base Damage on Critical Hit
    • Protection Prone: Bonus to Tailor, Jeweler, Leatherworker, Armorsmith, Engineer, Spellcraft, Base Defense, and gains Physical Resistant on Critical Hit
  • Added effects to role features that were missing them. These effects may change once new tech that more closely matches the original intention is available.
    • Charm Domain: Dazed ([Domain Level x2 +4] seconds) on Critical Hit
    • Abjurer: Dispelling
    • Conjurer: Razed [Conjurer Level x2 +3] on Critical Hit, Afflicted [Conjurer Level x2 +3] on Critical Hit([Abjurer Level x4 + 6]% chance) (applies to all attacks)
    • Enchanter: Will Defense Bonus +[Enchanter Level +4], Psychic Resistance +[Enchanter Level -1]
    • Necromancer: Drained [Necromancer Level +4] on Critical Hit, Frightened [Conjurer Level +4] on Critical Hit
  • Improved several existing role features to make them more closely balanced with other features:
    • Luck Domain: Added Freedom (up to 25) on Critical Hit (this is in addition to the existing increased Critical Hit chance).
    • [All] Specialization: Smoothed progression for all bonuses to be a multiple of the feat level. Increased damage bonus for max rank to 10 (from 5). Increased Improved Critical bonus for max rank to 25 (from 15).
    • [All Rogue Features]: Increased the amount of Afflicted applied on Flat-Footed (up to 15 at max rank), and converted it to a standard effect rather than a percentage chance based on weapon speed.
  • Reevaluated the difficulty of achieving a critical hit relative to other conditionals, and improved "on Critical Hit" effects. This resulted in a slight improvement to Impact Critical Shot (Longbow) and significant improvement to all of the "[X] Critical" Reactive feats.
  • Higher ranks of Feats now have costs in Coin which must be paid in addition to XP costs.


  • Added models and icons for multiple hats and circlets


  • Added Victory Marker loot to the Win Bosses in escalation cycles. These items are refined using Seneschal at the Keep and the refined form, Holder's Patent, is used in the construction of Holding and Outpost kits. More powerful bosses drop more Victory Markers. Note that Seneschal still requires Social achievement points. The only way to get these currently in game are through refining achievements from making Holder's Patents and PvP, though making Holder Patent's currently gives you several times more achievement points than normal. This will not be the case forever; when we have more means to grant appropriate Social achievements we will scale down the achievement points on the Seneschal refining achievements.
  • Added a new set of document fragments about the duergar.
  • As a temporary adjustment (until the enchanting system is available), lighter armors that will eventually provide better enchanted energy resistances now provide a base energy resistance plus resistance per keyword. Cloth armor now provides 15 + 3 per keyword value (previously 0 + 2 per keyword), Light armor now provides 10 + 2 per keyword value, and Medium armor now provides 5 + 1 per keyword value. Heavy armor continues to gain no special resistance to energy. Cloth armor wearers fully matching tier 2 + 2 armor should expect to see their resistances increase by 21 to all energies (total of 36), light armor wears matching T2+2 should expect 22 resistance, and medium armor wearers matching T2+2 should expect 11 resistance.
  • Armor now applies a penalty to arcane attacks, buffs and effect power while worn.


  • [Crowdforged] Renamed the Precise and Penetrating weapon keywords to Puncturing and Biting so they'll stop causing confusion with the effects of the same name.


  • Fixed several shader effects that could cause lighting issues and slow pulse animations on building textures that should not have had the effect.


  • Added Holdout Weapons and Toolkit maneuvers to the expendable drop tables. Increased overall chance to drop an expendable by 50% to account for the new expendables that can drop.


  • Increased hit points across the board on all monsters with the gain being level dependent. Lower level monsters gained a handful of hit points, while top end monsters gained far more. Escalation bosses received a much greater increase in hit points.
  • Made the Uneven and 5m encounters around Thornkeep and Marchmont more appropriate for solo starter characters.


  • Reduced resources across the board as the numbers previously were sufficiently high that none were being exhausted. Removed excess gems and metals that were allocated for the enchantment system, which is not in yet. Added resources to account for the demand for the production of holding and outpost kits. The vast majority of hexes will have the same resources in roughly the same ratios, though there has been an overall reduction in the number of gems.
  • Reduced the number of resources nodes that can appear at a time in non NPC hexes by 25%.


  • Moved deity specific cleric weapon attacks to the temple trainer from the seminary trainer.
  • Corrected the map for Rotter's Hole.
  • Fixed settlement vaults so they should be functioning properly now.


  • Holdings and Outposts added. See blog for details. The following features will not be in EE7 as part of holdings and outposts: no guards, upgrade levels, worker/manager assignment, shutdown state due to inability to pay upkeep, or upkeep costs.


  • Added a second larger collision volume to characters that is only used for purposes of clicking on a target, making it easier to click on targets.
  • Changed click targeting so the target selection is detected on the down click rather than the up click (target will not change until up click).
  • Company and party members are no longer targettable using tab targeting. Their names are blue when in an open PvP area to show they are not enemies.


  • Added updated Thornkeep map to match building location changes
  • Added starting gear quests to Thornkeep.


  • Added a secondary targeting display at the center top of the screen. When you are targeting a player it displays the name of the player (color coded for hostility), company, and company rank. If you mouse over this information you can also see settlement and reputation. If the target is hostile to you an icon appears which you can mouse over to see why they are hostile to you.
  • Added icons for multiple missing role features
  • Tooltips now have opaque backgrounds for ease of viewing
  • Blue "Shield" icons have been added to the World Map to show hexes that will be controlled by NPC factions (when those Factions are deployed) - characters cannot place Holdings or Outposts in these Hexes
  • When looting a husk other than your own clicking on a stack of items will attempt to loot the whole stack, if the stack has a very high encumbrance the loot action will take a portion of the stack