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Gimme The Prize

We are moving ever closer to the start of Alpha testing.  The team is busy integrating work they've been doing for the past several months into the game client.  Every week we have a series of reviews of game design, art, and programming and it's pretty amazing to see all this hard work start to grow together and form the mesh of a really amazing game experience.

The office has several whiteboards where the various groups are tracking their progress.  I took a series of snapshots of those boards to give you a sense of the complexity implied by the work we're doing now to build the Alpha test platform.



Game Design:

Plus, before we can start Alpha, we need to have some hardware to run it on.  Last week we received the servers that are going to host the Alpha, and Mark sent me this awesome pic of the rack:


Q&A Video Blog 3

This week's video blog is the first time we've had Bob Settles, our PvE designer on camera.  Bob and Lee talk about escalations and our ideas about varient racial alternatives for inclusion in the future.

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