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Introducing: Free to Play Trial Accounts and the Buddy Program

Update: We no longer support Free Trials or Buddy Invites.

Here's the original blog post, which remains up for archival purposes:

Today we're announcing our Free Trial program and the Buddy Invites that power it!

How it Works

Every player with an active game subscription has the ability to send a Buddy Invite ticket to 2 people.

You can either send a friend a Buddy Invite directly from, or you can send them a Buddy Invite code any way that you wish. If you send an email they'll receive an invitation with a link they can click to activate the invite, and if they use the code they can enter that code after creating a new account on to get the benefits.

Play for Free

These Buddy Invite tickets enable an account to play for 15 days without buying game time. An account using a Buddy Invite code works just like any other active game account. Currently there are no restrictions on what kinds of things these accounts can do in-game.

The 15 day time is automatically added to any additional game time purchased by the player. So if you send your friend an invite, and they accept it then immediately purchase Explorer Enrollment, they will have a month + 15 days of game time.

What You Get for Recruiting

If the person whom you sent a Buddy Invite code purchases an Explorer Enrollment package, you will be credited with 1 free month of game time. You will also get 2 more Buddy Invite codes. The more people you recruit the more game time you get and the more Buddy Invites you'll be able to send. There's no limit on the number of free months you can earn or the number of new Buddy Invites you can receive from conversions.

Terms & Conditions

Accounts that have already been assigned an Enrollment status (Platinum, Early, Explorer or Open) are not eligible to activate Buddy Invites. An account can only activate a Buddy Invite code once. Attempting to activate a Buddy Invite multiple times will have no effect. The person to whom you sent a Buddy Invite must convert to a paid account within 45 days for you to receive credit. If the converted account is revoked due to fraud or a refund request we will also revoke the free month of game time.

A Walkthrough

Here's a quick overview of the whole process.

Step 1: Visit Your Account Page

Log in to and access your account page. A link to the page appears below the Pathfinder Online logo when you're logged in to the site.

Step 2: Access Your Invitation Tickets

Click the link to access the page with your Invitation Tickets.  (Note: If you have access to the Test Server, this is where you can send invites to friends to access that service as well)

Step 3:  Send an Invite Ticket

Enter the email address of the person you'd like to send a Buddy Invite to and click "Send", or click the "Generate" button to show an unused Buddy Invite code you can transmit any way you wish to your friend.

Step 4: Buddy Receives the Invitation

If you sent an Invitation your friend will receive an email with a link to accept the Invite.

Step 5: Accept the Invititation

If you are already logged into and you click the link in the Invitation email, you'll see a page that has this info. (Note: If you're logged in to a different account, the Invite will be processed for whatever account is currently logged in to the system - which may be different than the account you are trying to invite!)

If you are not logged in to, you'll be promted to create a new account and after doing so you'll automatically redeem the Invitation.

Step 6 - Recipient : Upgrade!

Once you have accepted the Invitation, you will be able to download the client and log into the game. If you visit your Subscription page from your Account page you will only see an option to Suspend the account and a link that loads an Explorer package into your shopping cart and takes you to the check-out page of the Store.

Step 6 - Sender: Convert!

You'll get a notice when your friend converts to a paid account thanking you for your success and showing the benefits you've earned for the conversion.