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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Introducing Head Start Access

On 1 April (no, this is not a joke in advance :) ) we are going to begin a new phase of Early Enrollment called Head Start Access.

We began with Early Enrollment access on New Years Eve, and in February we started Explorer Enrollment.  In April, we're beginning Head Start Enrollment.

Head Start access is possible because the server capacity has exceeded our design specifications and we have the ability to support a larger player population than our minimum requirements.  We want to continuing to accelerate our growth in active players and we want to let the folks who have already generously contributed to the success of the project start to play!

This is not the start of Open Enrollment. We are continuing to iterate on core functionality in Early Enrollment and follow our development roadmap towards our Open Enrollment goals.  Head Start access is a way to increase the pace of new player acquisition and provide a lot of value to our Kickstarter backers.

The Head Start Perk

People who backed the 2nd Kickstater at the $35 Adventurer level received the Head Start perk. Head Start was our promise that Adventurer backers would be able to begin play at least one month prior to the start of Open Enrollment.  We're still quite a ways from Open Enrollment but we're turning on the Head Start access as of the first of April.

You can check to see if you have Head Start access by visiting your Account page. A link to that page appears directly beneath the Pathfinder Online logo on the homepage when you're logged in.  Click the "Rewards" link to see all the attributes of your account.  Adventurer Reward tier backers (and those who received an Adventurer package as an Add-On) will have the Head Start perk.

If you have Head Start access, you need take no action. On 1 April after daily downtime (9-10am Pacific) after you log in to you'll be able to download, install and run the client and log into the game.

You do not have to participate in Head Start if you don't want to. Until you log into the game for the first time or Activate your access on the Subscription page in the Account system, you will not consume any of the game time on your account. Head Start access is 100% optional.

Buying Head Start Access

On 1 April we are going to remove Explorer Enrollment from the Shop, and replace it with Head Start Enrollment, which will be priced at $30.

Head Start Enrollment will include the game client and 1 month of game time.

This package will not include the New Player Pack and Class Pack that was included with the Adventurer Kickstarter reward (and the Explorer Enrollment package).  You can purchase those separately on the store.  The New Player Pack is $15 and the Class Pack is $10.

After purchasing Head Start Enrollment you'll be immediately able to log into the game and start play.