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Jigsaw Falling into Place

Fellow Goblins!

Last week I was in San Francisco to participate in the Innovation Showdown at GamesBeat 2013. From several hundred entrants we were selected with a group of five other companies to pitch our game live on stage! You can see my presentation here!

My time on stage begins at about 03:23:00. The first 2 minutes are a review of the business, and the 2nd two minutes include some new in-game footage from Milestone 3, but a more updated version is at the end of this blog! November is also an important month for out-of-game events as well. Goblinworks is participating in MOVEMBER, a global month of awareness and fundraising for men's health. You can learn more about Movember by watching this excellent TED talk by the founder.

We have set up a GoblinSquad team for Movember, and I encourage you to join us in rocking some awesome mustaches and doing some good for our fathers, brothers and friends.

For this week's update, Mike Hines has put together an update video showing the results of the team's hard work on the Q3 milestone. It includes appearances by much of the team in game as play testers, and we hope you enjoy it!

Pathfinder Online Q3 2013 Update from Ryan Dancey on Vimeo.

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