Keepside Chat Images - August 19, 2015

Mike Hines here! These are some images to accompany the Keepside Chat for tonight. They are all developer style work in progress images. The last one is the prospective layouts for the upcoming player settlement change. I wish I had some more polished stuff, but we're very heads-down working on getting player customized settlements out the door. I'll discuss that more in the chat though.

New Structures for the Settlements

Boutique Building

Philosopher Statue




Shadowskin Tier 3 Armor

Shadowskin Armor

Prospective Settlement Layouts

Layout 01 will be the only layout initially (with EE11), but the image below has explicit plot layout numbers for every slot. Our goal is to be able to swap out layouts in the future, so if you prefer one of the other layouts, you can plan in advance to avoid moving structures around.

Settlement Layouts