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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Loyalty Reward Systems

While Pathfinder Online’s advancement system does reward players for staying subscribed with experience points, we’ve been looking at other methods for showing our appreciation to those players who stick with us. To that end, we’d like to announce three new programs we'll be introducing over the next two updates that will work to reward our veteran players.

Veteran Rewards

Projected Release: EE9

The Veteran Rewards system will give players a new type of item, Azlanti Stones, on the last day of each month of their subscriptions. As players are subscribed for additional months, they get more stones and higher level stones based on a planned-out monthly progression. Each player effectively has his or her own counter for how many months he or she has been subscribed and what the next reward is. The first month may get you a Minor Sapphire Azlanti Stone, while month two rewards a Minor Ruby Azlanti Stone. Players who have been active since January will get all appropriate rewards for months subscribed already immediately and all accounts active since January are treated as having their first day of subscription being January 1st (and thus will get their new rewards on the last day of each month). Those accounts that have been subscribed for less time will get their backdated rewards immediately and will get new rewards on the last day of their current subscriptions. If you end your subscription, the counter on your Veteran Rewards stops, so if you subscribe for three months and then drop out for two months, when you come back you’ll get your month four reward at the end of your first month back.

Azlanti Stones will be slottable items that provide a constant, passive bonus to a limited number of attributes for a character. For example the month two reward, a Minor Ruby Azlanti Stone, may provide +12 Hit Points while slotted. Azlanti Stones will go into a new slot on characters that will only be for these items, so having one and equipping it is always better than not having one. The bonuses will go up with more powerful stones that are gained later in the monthly progression, but the bonus is never designed to be a fight-winning bonus on its own.

The Azlanti Stones come in a number of colors and power levels. These stones may be combined using special recipes to create different colors that have different bonuses, or to combine weaker stones into more powerful stones. With this system, players can customize their Azlanti Stone bonus to favor specific skills or attributes they particularly value.

In addition to the stone gained on the last day of each month of subscription, the character will get a rank in a new skill called Veteran. Ranks in Veteran will be required to slot and craft Azlanti Stones, and more powerful Azlanti Stones will require higher ranks of Veteran to use.

Monthly Events

Projected Release: EE10

We are going to start cycling through a series of escalation cycles on a roughly monthly basis (dependent on how it syncs up with our release schedule). Each month, we plan to have a new escalation cycle that will only be available for that month, and will have achievements and unique items associated with it that will only ever come from that escalation. We will seed enough of these escalations in different locations so players can all get a chance at confronting them, but once the time for that escalation is up, they will be removed from the world permanently.

The first of these in EE10 is going to be tied to the removal of the towers from the War of Towers.  The power behind the crystals surrounding the towers is coming to reclaim his property and his dread power will spread across the Echo Wood.  Nhur Athemon, master of the Emerald Spire, does not take well to others trying to usurp his power.

Settlement Capture

Projected Release: EE10

In EE10, we are going to be switching from determining settlement level based on holding towers to letting players set their settlement level and maintain it with an upkeep of bulk resources. As part of this system, we are going to begin paying attention to those settlements that do not meet even the most basic of settlement upkeep costs. If a settlement cannot meet the most basic level of settlement upkeep costs for five days in a row, and the six surrounding hexes are controlled via Holdings by a company not associated with that settlement, that company controlling the six closest hexes will be awarded control of the settlement. These six hexes do not need to have Outposts in them, but the controlling company will need to meet the upkeep of the Holdings for all five days.  Meeting basic settlement upkeep and controlling at least some of the six closest hexes are not difficult tasks; the goal of this system is to help transfer settlements that currently are all but totally inactive to the hands of someone who will use the settlements.